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Thread: Too much avoidance?

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    Too much avoidance?

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    Is this too much Dodge/Parry? Currently I am in 10 man content, wanting to move into 25 man content within the next week or two. When I get the +111 stam trinket in Azjol, should I replace that dodge trinket in my avoidance set, or should I use the stam trinket in a different set and keep the dodge trinket.

    Also, I understand that having a couple of choices of gear sets is a good thing, like an avoidance set and a threat set. Assuming this avoidance set is where it should be, should the 2nd set I look for incorporate +Block rating/value, Exp, and hit? Or should it focus more in stam?

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    imo that dodge trinket from the badges isnt worth it
    once your past 20% dodge you only get like 1.40 dodge %
    and the proc gives like +6% wich isnt a huge number for an avoidance trinket
    i honestly would prefer the additional 111 stamina from the essence gossimer{??}

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