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Thread: Spec/Enchant/Gem Advice

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    Spec/Enchant/Gem Advice

    I would like to say thanks in advance for all who look and offer advice. I'll admit I am not 'new' to the world of tanking, but I am not all that experienced to it either. I have played around with a couple of different set-ups to maximize threat generation. I am fairly certain that having a high damage output helps, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to get a little more threat generation to ensure that I won't have issues tanking 10-man encounters once my DPS'ers get geared and ready.

    Thanks once again in advance.

    Tenrai - Level 80 Paladin, Alliance side, Twisting-Nether

    I'll add a post to my armory page when Blizzard is done with their maintenance.

    For the time being, I can put my talent spec down the old fashioned way

    Any comments would be welcome, once again, Thanks in advanced.

    In the protection tree --

    Divine Strength 5/5 (+15% Strength)
    Anticipation 5/5 (+5% Dodge)
    Toughness 5/5 (+10% Armor value from items, -30% duration to slow effects)
    Improved Righteous Fury (Reduces damage taken by 6% while RF is active)
    Improved Devotion Aura (+50% armor bonus to Devotion Aura, Increases healing recieved by 6%)
    Blessing of Sanctuary 1/1 (Reduces damage taken by 3%, restores 2% mana on dodge/block/parry - Blessing)
    Reckoning 5/5 (10% chance on blocking or taking damage that the next 4 weapon swings will generate an additional attack)
    One Handed Weapon Specialization 5/5 (Increases all damage done by 10% while a 1 handed weapon is equiped)
    Sacred Duty 2/2 (Increases Stamina by 6% - sidenote, being changed with 3.8)
    Holy Shield 1/1 (Increases block chance by 30%, each attack blocked deals damage, each time an attack is blocked a charge is used - 8 charges)
    Ardent Defender 5/5 (reduces damage taken by 30% when health is below 35%)
    Combat Expertise 3/3 (Expertise increased by 6, Stamina and critical strike chance increased by 6%)
    Redoubt 3/3 (+30% to block value, damaging attacks against you have a chance to increase your chance to block by 30% lasts 5 blocks)
    Touched by the Light 3/3 (Increases Spellpower by 30% of your Stamina)
    Avengers Shield 1/1 (Ranged attack that can hit 3 targets)
    Guarded by the Light 2/2 (Reduces spelldamage taken by 6%, reduces mana cost of Avengers Shield, Holy Shield and Shield of Righteousness by 30%)
    Shield of the Templar 3/3 (Reduces damage taken by 3%, increases damage done by Holy Shield, Avengers Shield and Shield of Righteousness by 30%)
    Hammer of the Righteous 1/1 (Causes 4 times weapon damage to your target and 2 additional targets nearby)

    Retribution Tree --
    Deflection 5/5 (Increase parry chance by 5%)
    Heart of the Crusader 3/3 (Judgement effect also increases critical strike chance on target by 3%)
    Improved Judgements 2/2 (Reduces the cooldown on judgement by 2 seconds)
    Conviction 5/5 (Increases Critical strike chance with weapons and spells by 5%)

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    The more Holy Damage you do, the more threat you do. period.

    As for your spec, it looks good though I might tweak a few things if I were you.

    #1... I assume you have point into Conviction (Retribution) for threat issues. The problem with Critical Strike is that it's unreliable at best. those points are MUCH better spent in Seals of the Pure (Holy Tree). This will give you a bit more steady threat. You can't rely on a critical to come when you need it, but you can rely that the extra 15% damage will help you hold an edge.

    #2 I've played with Reckoning and without, and i found those talents better spent elsewhere. Again, the added threat is nice, but it never seems to proc when i want it too, so much like the Critical Strikes... it's not reliable.

    #3 Then the same thing is true with Judgement of the Crusaider. It's a nice buff to everyone else, but the crit stike doesn't do you all too much good. As far as a buff for everyone else, Raids are more likely to want/like Kings.

    hope that helps a little. :-D

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