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Thread: More upgrades before MTing Naxx 10/25?

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    More upgrades before MTing Naxx 10/25?

    Hey guys! It's Blitzed, I used to play as Luzbelle/Lyfe with Temig on Khadgar. I played for a little while with a lot of you on AoC in Eventide. Well, for this xpac I decided to switch to my warrior. I hit 80 on the 14th and have been running heroics like CRAZY (yes i made 95 badges in 4 days). Well, I'm all set up, got my expertise OVER the 5.5% cap, got OVER my 540 Def and hit my 22k armor. I'm just wondering, am I ready to MT naxx gearwise? Do me a favor and let me know what I need to get, as of right now I'm looking at Essence of Gossamer for the 2nd trinket and Arcane Shielded Helm for a hat. Anything else I need? Thanks for taking a look.

    <3 Lyfe/Luzbelle/Blitzed
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    BTW I copied my spec from people i saw, any differences i should make for Naxx tanking Vs. Sarth/Maly tanking?

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    Easy'ish upgrades:
    a) badge neck;
    b) T7 chest;
    c) badge belt.

    Go run more heroics :P

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