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Thread: What slot next?

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    What slot next?

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking here for close to forever, and decided to join the crowd.

    I don't have a whole lot of time to run instances, so I'd like to focus my efforts on running what will do me the most good. What should I replace first in my equipment?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I'm thinking Helm, belt, then gloves, but I'd like the opinions of others. Thanks!

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    The helm isn't wildly bad - you could pick up the crafted one which is getting a nice buff next patch. However, give some serious though to replacing your first trinket - that's not really a tanking item, so you'd do well to run HoL for the +def one (which will then help you when it comes to replacing Tempered Saronite). Hope that's helpful.
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    Daunting Handguards will last a while. You can replace the neck with the JC one for a minor upgrade if I recall (but 25 badges for an even better one works.) Lastly, the titansteel helm is better itemized with a meta when the patch (if it ever) arrives. With a good healer behind you, and as long as you know your stuff, you can most certainly start the easy heroics and get things like the Bolstered Legplates. With the badges you can replace your belt the waistguard of living iron.

    The above said if you were to work on any piece of your gear, I'd say work on your reputations. Particularly AD and Sons of Hodir because that stop-gap helm enchantment is kinda lacking... However, judging by your tabard that's exactly what you're working on. In which case all it'll take is time.

    P.S. Dunno if you have the seal of pantheon or not, but you might want to run some reg HoL for it as it'll give you some wiggle room as defense values on improvements drop.

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