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Thread: DK tanking | TPS | Specs

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    DK tanking | TPS | Specs

    I have been tanking as a Dk for a while now, but my tps is quite low, the spec i use now is:

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    (The one i used before that: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft )

    It gives high hp (got 28.2k hp unbuffed now) and still has the aoe HB which i like very much. Bot on some bosses it is very heard to maintain a high TPS, there is this mage, Fluffygong in my guild, who has to chill or he gets aggro.. The rotation i use is: DG, IT, PS, HB, BS, BS, and then just whatever gets of cooldown. While keeping it and ps up.

    I was thinking of trying this blood spec to get a higher TPS

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    Comments? Ideas? Rotation?

    And a unholy build has crossed my mind

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    (i never played unholy so it could be that this build sucks)
    Comments? Ideas? Rotation?

    Now what do you think has the highest TPS?

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    Hello mate,

    Your current spec your running with i recently tried a version of that but instead of Blood/Frost i went Blood/Unholy.

    My main thinking was i would get Spell Deflection and VoTW. However what i noticed was i lost a considerable amount of threat and only really gained a slight increase in surviability.

    I mean i currently run with a 10/05/56 build and have no issues as of yet with threat.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    See above for my armory.

    In regards to your two specs you have listed as wanting to try out:

    First One:
    Killing Machine, rather wasted points there as you don't have Howling Blast. or Frost Strike, i think those 5 points would be better off going into Blood Gorged, which would give you more TPS than Killing Machine imo.

    Also not a big fan of Sudden Doom myself, i think you would find something like.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Giving you a bit more TPS.

    Unholy build i can see where your heading to pick up Frigid Deathplate, again KM is a bit of a waste imo. In terms or TPS not taking Blade Armour is a big TPS loss.

    If you'd like to give unholy a go have a look at my spec, very nice TPS with a simple IT - PS - BS - SS - SS rotation and using DC and UB to dump your runic power.

    Looking at your armory i think your Hit Rating is really low and that will effect your TPS greatly. Try getting that up.

    I mean all in all theres loads of different specs out there, and they all have advantages and disadvantages over each other. The main thing i find is finding one that suits your playstyle, once you've got that stick with it and work with tweaking a few things here and there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Biggest thing to do would be stick to your rotation. Don't just use whatever runes come off cooldown, make sure you're getting the most out of your FU rune specials. Dks are a rotional dependent class and as such you need to be strict with controlling yourself sometimes

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    All your build miss something important, threat wise:

    - your current frost spec miss GoG (huge boost), tundra stalker and Black ice

    - your precedent frost spec miss black ice and maybe KM over haste (I speak for your personnal threat only)

    - your unholy is not a threat spec, but more a survival one (and it could be great at that), but even for a survival one it miss some really good threat talents: epidemics, impurity at least.

    Blood I never tanked with one so dunno.

    So if you have threat problem (i.e. if your dps are catching up with your tps), try to use some more focused build:

    - if you want to go with unholy/frost survival one try something like that: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft the 3 point in ravenous dead can be moved around, but necrosis, on a pale horse and BCB are bad idea (virulence could not be bad). But if far from being a TPS build.

    Or go with a full unholy like this: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft or Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Rotation for unholy would be IT-PS-BS-DnD (with Blood tap first time)-DC // SS-SS-SS-DC, something like that).

    - if you want a frost one, this one could be good for threat: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft, especially after the next patch.

    Rotation would be short: IT-OB-OB(with Blood tap first time)-BS-FS // repeat

    There is of course some variation but this one have solid base I think.


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    a spec i like to use for tanking is 5/50/16
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    i personally like starting a fight off with DnD, the PS.IT,BS, DC hit the 5 min CD, and OB OB BS,BS Blood Tap, PS,IT,OB, BS
    most of the time i hold agro pretty well, even thou i sometimes have a hard time holding off Frostfire Mages, and Dps Wars

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    Frost / Unholy

    I started out Blood / Unholy but as i leveled somehow i always ended up tanking. So i compromised with going Frost / Unholy.
    -Frost seems to be the best for Threat Generation.
    -Unholy give me many added bonuses which has save mine & my groups arses on more than one occation.
    *Shadow of Death- there's been several boses I've finished off by raiseing from the dead.
    *Master of Gouls- 2min feh!!! i like keeping my goul around (till death do us part).
    *Corpse Explotion- This is just fun, careful though you can explode your on goul.
    *On a Pale Horse- 20% Mounted speed increase & Reduced stun & fear effects. "You become as hard to kill as death itself!"

    Now of course when i hit 80 i'm gunna have to retool.

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    On a Pale Horse is a delightful waste if you're looking to min/max, but not everyone is. The flavor text is not actually a hidden ability, just another reference.

    It can be fun for leveling though, perma-Crusader Aura but only for yourself!
    The (Old) Book on Death Knight Tanking
    The New Testament on Death Knight Tanking
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