The object of a tank is to keep the raid alive so I want to try the talents that are always looked over because we always spec to main tank. I have more fun darting around keeping the healers and aoe storm alive then I do looking at a bosses balls all the time anyway. Boss fights that have mobility are the exception but I want to look at other dynamics too like improved demo shout or commanding pressence and who has it? If our warrior melee are not spec'd in that maybe we should assign that to another OT so we know who is the assigned tank to keep demo and commanding up the entire boss fight and same with Thunderclap. The below are just some ideas I am kicking around as it just makes sense to maximize the abilities if you have 4 tanks in a room. Safeguard is a talent I thought could also be utilized as the damage reduction could save a wipe when used at appropriate times. Timing an intervene just before a big boss ability would greatly reduce the damage taken by the intervene target by 30% for six seconds. Even if it is used on every cool down we would still save healers grief and mana.

By having an OT with the below spec it would allow the main tank to concentrate on all out threat because the assigned OT's with this build will keep maintaining boss debuffs. This should max out the highest possible threat numbers for the main tanks as they will only have to hit threat generating abilities.

Commanding shout will grant 2255 health to the main tank but with an OT spec'd in Commanding presence that ability jumps to 2818 extra health to the tank.

If that same OT also had improved demo shout the baseline melee reduction jumps from 410 AP for 30 seconds to 574 AP for 45 seconds.

Anyway post some ideas on this if you can as it is a rough draft because I was mostly interested in trash, adds in a boss fight, and using the mitigation abilities like shout and safeguard. I thought it would be a good test to see if it would relive stress during some boss fights. Also what glyphs would be used to enhance this setup?

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