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Thread: Cancelled Raids

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    Naxx is cake for our guild except for Kel'Thuzad.. he is not so affectionately known as Lag'thuzad to us. We have several times gotten him to the point of bringing out his buddies and start the process of the long fast burn from 40%. Alas we never get past 10%. I don't know if it is the time we raid or just the particular instance server but Kel is unbearable it is so laggy. 2-3 second response on spell casts, interrupts hitting seconds after they need to, fissures being cast and killing individuals full seconds before the animation tries to display. I'm impressed we get as far as we do but thats no concilation when we want to kill the jerk not wipe on him due to lag.

    Our second raid team has managed to clear naxx now without many issues of lag but they raid at very odd times and like to poke fun at us over our lag problems. It is getting very very frustrating.

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    Our guild had to call it last night. We started on military wing and downed Razuvious no problem. We had some lag issues on Gothik but nothing major so we moved onto 4h men. About 30 seconds into the pull, 23 of our members DC. So we log and try again, this time only about 15 people got DC.

    At this point we decide to go attempt Sarth+1d and save Naxx for tomorrow. On the very first trash pull we had 6 people DC, and decided that if we couldn't keep everyone on through trash the flame walls would be hell.

    The lag helped make some interesting stories, like our Heigan dance the week before on patch day; but tonight was the worst I've ever seen it. I'm ready to start talking about realm transfers for our guild, but I've heard even the lower population servers are having trouble.

    I was hoping the new patch this week would fix things, but I guess not.

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