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Thread: Fashion victim seeking help

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    Fashion victim seeking help

    As a girl I love to dress up for the occassion. But I'm reaching a point that I'm becoming a fashion victim. Different designers - like Demog, ElitistJerks and also the new kid on the block Warscar - claim different looks to be the hottest fashion trend in town. Although i used to have a sound sense for fashion, I'm starting to get lost. Need advice on what to wear to what occassion, before I show up in a vintage dress to a bbq or a jeans to a wedding.

    Or even better, help me understand why they favor one piece over another

    *edit* Made a list for myself with different ensembles to wear for different occasions, based on all other lists. This is the result:

    1 = basic MT
    2 = High Avoidance
    3 = Trash tanking
    4 = Items with hit
    5 = Items with Expertise

    1. Breastplate of Tormented Rage
    2. Dragonstorm Breastplate
    3. Valorous Breastplate
    4. Breastplate of Tormented Rage
    5. Massive Skeleton Ribcage

    1. Helm of Vital Protection or Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm or Thane's Tainted Greathelm
    2. Helm of Vital Protection
    3. Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm
    4. Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm
    5. Helm of Vital Protection

    1. Platinum Mesh Cloak or Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
    2. Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
    3. Platinum Mesh Cloak
    4. Platinum Mesh Cloak
    5. Galeproof Cloak

    1. Pauldrons of Unnatural Death
    2. Valorous Dreadnaught Shoulders
    3. Valorous Dreadnaught Shoulders
    4. Abomination Shoulderblades
    5. Pauldrons of Unnatural Death or Wapach's Spaulders of Solidarity

    1. Legplates of Sovereignity
    2. Valorous Dreadnaught Legguards
    3. Greaves of Turbulence
    4. Dragon Brood Legguards
    5. Legplates of Sovereignity

    1. Ablative Chitin Girdle
    2. Ancient Aligned Girdle
    3. Fleshless Girdle
    4. Ablative Chitin Girdle
    5. x

    1. Sabatons of Endurance
    2. Kyzoc's Ground Stompers
    3. Inexorable Sabatons
    4. x
    5. Sabatons of Endurance

    1. Valorous Dreadnaught Gauntlets
    2. Callous-Hearted Gauntlets
    3. Gauntlets of the Disobedient
    4. Gauntlets of the Master
    5. Callous-Hearted Gauntlets or Horn-Tipped Gauntlets

    1. Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets
    2. Bracers of the Unholy Knight
    3. Bindings of the Hapless Prey
    4. Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets
    5. x

    1. Boundless Ambition
    2. Nexus War Champion Beads
    3. Nexus War Champion Beads
    4. Heritage
    5. Boundless Ambition

    1. Barricade of Eternity
    2. Hero's Surrender
    3. Wall of Terror
    4. x
    5. Barricade of Eternity

    1. Last Laugh
    2. Last Laugh
    3. Last Laugh
    4. Last Laugh
    5. Broken Promise

    1. Armored Plated Combat Shotgun

    2. Sandworn Band
    4. Signet of the Impregnable Force or Gatekeeper or Deflection Band
    5. Signet of the Impregnable Force or Signet of the Accord
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    I notice only 1 Dreadnaought item in "Fixed" so since you only have the gloves to match thats going to be a good idea for any fight where your damage or threat plays a role. The Callous hearted gloves are better for avoidance but passing on 10% shield block? shudder

    I would generically perfer thane's for the meta

    legs - just wear dragons brood for anything that hits hard - Add the Inescapable death to your trash/ shield block value set - and possibly wear to raves

    Shields - Hero's surrender is your best wear it almost all the time but the Skull of ruin is a superior shield for trash.

    belts - those 2 are so close. I gemmed by waitsguard with 2 Defense Gems and the Aligned girdle with a stam (assuming buckles) that lets me switch stuff around and use the belt to cover the defense difference.

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    Cute post.

    Anyways, all lists are subjective. Due to the fact that hit and expertise are the new thing on almost all gear, there are way more stats to use then a 3-mod stat budget.

    In which case, it needs a personal touch as to decide what best suits your character. (for example, if you lose expertise for a better item in one area, you can perhaps find it on another upgrade.) In addition, it helps to gear for the encounter. For example, fighting loatheb or gothik? Crank up the block. HStanking Patch? Push the EH and avoidance. Threat racing paladins and fury warriors? Need more expertise/hit. And so on.

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    New take on a post haha, good style points. but I agree with conree that lists are subjective, it depends on how you rate them, how you rate each stat, and in general what your other stats are at the time.

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