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Thread: Evaluating healing gear (+crit, +haste)

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    Evaluating healing gear (+crit, +haste)

    Hi all,
    while my main is a warrior, my alt is a priest (was holy TBC, and
    am currently PvE disc atm).

    I'm trying to determine how best to evaluate which type of
    healer differently itemized gear is for, specifically with stats of
    +crit and +haste.

    From my limited understanding +crit most benefits:
    1-2) disc priests (rapture, inspiration)
    1-2) holy priests (inspiration, surge of light, concentration)
    3) resto shaman (inspiration)
    4) pallys (mana back from crits?)
    5) resto druids
    Priest/shaman/pallys all gain a lot of benefit, druids not so much.

    For +haste, I'm even more at a loss:
    seems like the direct healers (disc priest, pally, shaman) benefit the most.
    holy priests and then resto druids benefit the least.

    Is my understanding off? I'm comfortable in my priest and resto shaman
    knowledge, but know very little about pally or druid mechanics.

    Thanks, and I'm not trying to start a flame war, just looking for feedback

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    I lack experience in WotLK on Paladins and Priests. I'll just add my thoughts for Resto Druids.

    Fist of all critrating.
    Although Crit isn't awesome for Druids, it's certainly not something to be sniffed at. Druids have a fair range of direct healing spells (Healing Touch, Nourish) and HoT's with a direct healing part (Regrowth, Lifebloom). Only Rejuvenate and Wild Growth do not benefit from crit. When 4 out of 6 spells benefit from a stats, it's bound to be ok. But that's all it is, it's ok, but not worth losing other stats over like Spellpower and Spirit.

    Then there's haste
    I was slightly confuzzled at haste as well, but really, considering the limited choices in gear I have right I get haste as part of the package. Obviously Regrowth, Nourish and Healing Touch will benefit from haste, but the biggest gain (in my opinion) of haste for Resto Druids is that it lowers the GCD, which is nice when you're dumping HoTs on several people. Certainly now that Wild Growth is getting a CD, lowering your GCD (even more) will be a nice bonus.

    Both stats are 'nice to have', but certainly not 'must have' for Resto Druids, and indeed, I'd place them very low on the list of who benefits most from these ratings.

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    Disc Priests and Paladins are dependent on crit. Shamans and Holy Priests get good benefit from crit. Druids can use crit but don't need it as much as the rest of the healers. Everybody benefits from haste if you have the regen to back it up.

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    I know Disc Priests and Holy Paladins benefit a lot from crit, they need it for sustainability. As a Resto Shaman that runs mostly 10man and the odd heroic, I value crit just as much as the former two. During my last Naxx-10 clear is my Watershield procs from crits was worth 250mp5 with 29% crit on bosses (and that is with a bugged T7p2 bonus). My fellow Resto Druid say he doesn't value crit other than if it's on gear that is clearly superior to his current.

    As for haste it is for most classes just a benefit you get from the gear you wear. More specificly I don't know any healers that gem for it (the only exception is pure raid healing Resto Shamans). It's nice and all, but raw SP will give you more healing in return together with better sustainability than haste.

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    Resto Druids mainly look for stuff with high spirit on it. This is because of the Improved Tree of Life Form
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