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Thread: 2 Piece T7 Set Bonus

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    2 Piece T7 Set Bonus

    10% shield slam bonus is nice for damage and threat but how crucial is it? Or, to put it another way, how many fellow warriors would want to keep 2 pieces of T7 in your gearset most/all of the time?

    The reason I ask is because I recently picked up a number of individual tanking pieces that seem to be better than T7, namely (apologies, no idea how to link WoWhead to the post):

    a) Chest: Chestguard of the Exhausted vs T7;
    b) Hands: Gauntlets of the Disobedient vs T7;
    c) Helm: Titansteel (when it gets buffed) vs T7; and
    d) Shoulders: Pauldrons of Unnatural Death vs T7.

    Yes, this analysis will probably change if I had T7.5 but token drops have not been lucky for me!

    While I'll probably mix it up most of the time for different encounters/purposes, I was wondering how you guys felt about the T7 2 piece bonus. Good enough to keep always? Or let it go until I get more T7.5?

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    We put 2 points in Gag Order for 10% SS (yes it allows us to silence with heroic throw/shield bash too). So I'd say the bonus is well worth it.

    Some of your comparisons though are T7 versus t7.5 equivalent gear so it's not all gonna be cut and dry.

    I'd take the T7 helm over Titansteel before the change. After the change I'd probably stick with T7 still.

    Everything else you're comparing T7 to T7.5 equivalent items, so it's not really a fair comparison. But if I were picking one to complete the set bonus, I'd take the T7 chest over the Chestguard. The Chestguard is pretty much the bigger brother of the T7 chest. But the set bonus puts T7 over the top imo.

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    Totally think it's worth it. Especially with SS being in the top of my dmg list.

    To link Wowhead items, just copy paste the urllink in your post.

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    The set bonus increases threat while the other item options probably increase mitigation - if you need the threat for an encounter stick to t7, otherwise ignore the bonus.

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