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Thread: On dodge for feral druids

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    ok im a little slow here on what you all are talking about and have two questions. I have my feral gemmed in all (dodge/stam) gems...he is probably about to 46-47% dodge (id check but im in class as im writing this) and I've heard there is no reason what so ever you need or want to gem or go out of your way for any Def at all since we get all we need with SotF. So my first question would be have I been misinformed or am I going down the right path? and my second qestion is should I be stacking agi/stam gems instead of dodge/stam? I have trouble some times with numbers lol, so any input qould be appreciated...I mean im in pretty nice gear as of now but just confusing myself with gemming and this defense discussion

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    In my opinion you get a lot more from agility than you do from dodge. And yes you are uncrittable if you spec fully into Survival of the Fittest.

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    About the comparisons on the necklaces I thought on adding 2 rings where you also notice slight diference: Deflection Band - Item - World of Warcraft and Keystone Great-Ring - Item - World of Warcraft in avoidance. With my current numbers - my total avoidance will go from 41.94 to 41.76 and my DR 68.82 to 69.13, respectivly. However gaining 0,77% hit. I prefer the Deflection Band.
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    I am currently in 4/5 T7 with almost any ench/gem I'd like at this time. Equipped with the Gorget, Keystone, and Deflection Band. Carry my Plaguebeast and darn L70 Idol of Terror. Have cleared Naxx10, OS10 & 25, Vault10 & 25, and have cleared one wing of Naxx25. Raid buffed I sit at 45% dodge. I have Agi gems in all but I believe 2 gem slots, for the simple reason I have yet to take the time to switch them. I hold 40k health which is more than enough and I can't remember my exact armor, but I have well over 70% dmg reduction. I see no reason at all to ever gem anything but agi at this point. It is true after 50% dodge agi's DR falls below Def. But it shouldn't be an issue until new conent and T8 comes out or Blizz can create a LvL80 scaled version of Idol of Terror. Being a LW I get the +90 sta buff which eliminates the need for any sta gems, and DEF just isn't worth it. I hope for the day I get to 50% dodge. Thus far I see no issues that would make me want to change my route in agi gems, but I'm not saying it is the only option. For me, it works best. I'm open for any comments/input you all can share, I'm always looking to learn or help.

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    Yes I dont think we've yet seen gear or content that forces us to worry about diminishing returns on dodge. please noone be worried about stacking the defense stat! Dont sweat if its on your jewelry, but dont gem/enchant for it. I think DR on dodge is a preventative measure for t8/9 content: druid dodge, like druid armor, was just way too high in Sunwell before they applied the radiance debuff. And that was an ugly hack.

    For those still working through the current content however, I'd say experiment with threat gems & enchants as your raid gears up. Expertise & hit are both fantastic if you can afford them over traditional stats, & strength is the best for pure dps. Our guild outgeared naxx25 after a few full clears with 30ish raiders getting their upgrades each week. Outgeared means the only reason you wipe is when (a lot of) people make (a lot of) stupid mistakes - hopefully rarely! So I found I no longer have to worry about traditional tanking obligations... then what else is there to do? If you're healers aren't oom and you're not dying, why not increase your dps?

    Above all, there's no ideal theory. You have to try things out with the group you run with, taking inputs from different people's experiences & ideas, and see what works for you. I love being #5/25 on total raid damage these days - right up there with the DKs, mages & hunter. Some people have tried tanking in "cat" gear with cat stats. After the armor increases on leather, it starts to be a lot more attractive. Again, that's experimental stuff. If you're still having trouble pulling your raids together to kill a boss reliably, then go with the normal virtues of health, avoidance & mitigation.

    Someone mentioned their high stamina druid tends to die a lot more than their lower stam/higher dodge druid. I'm not at all surprised. Stamina's an attractive stat because its easy to understand, believe it or not. Just multiply up and there you go. Dodge, diminishing returns, parry haste, chance to miss, magic resistance mechanics etc etc take a lot more effort to understand.

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