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Thread: holadins.

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    I meant as if there enough other paladins to do, then you can concentrate on healing

    And I would still say on Gothik, if the healer gets aggro it's the tanks fault - it takes one ability from the tank on the mob and you can barely pull aggro even if you tried. Prot paladins and DKs have the easiest time, but warrior and druid just have to use the full set of tools available.

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    A holy paladin does more than just healing, though. They provide support in the form of their judgments, whether it's by throwing down a light in order to help with healing, throwing down a wisdom in order to help people get some mana back, justice in order to stun the mob for a couple of seconds, and so on. I can honestly say that I don't think that any other healing class offers that sort of secondary support that a paladin offers through their judgments.

    I've pulled aggro from the tank at the very start when I use a judgment before the mob is in range of the tank (40 yd range judgments and all). Does it mean that they're a bad tank? Not really, it just means I hit the mob beforehand, and it really doesn't matter because the mob dies in a few seconds anyway. Like on the Gothik fight, I'm even sent over to the undead side just to do healing/dps there, because of all the tools that I get available against the undead.

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    I play a Holy paladin and I wear all types of armor. I don't roll on everything with spellpower. If something has Spirit or hit, it is clearly not for healing.

    Until earlier tonight when I picked up a mail chest from Naxx I was using the blue robe from Heroic Lorken because it was the best healing chest peice I could find. I still had 15k armor while wearing it, which is still over 50% mitigation. In my pvp set which has 20k armor because it is plate I am only up around 57%. Personally I don't see 7% physical mitigation as being a bit deal when I should not be taking much melee damage as it is.

    I still use the cloth boots from Exaulted with Wyrmrest because they are the best healing boots I have been able to find, and a fair bit of my gear is Leather and Mail.

    I am a healer. I decide my gear based on what it will contribute to my ability to heal. Not to whether I can 'tank' better or not. If I am getting hit by mobs then I can bubble, and if I am getting hit regularly by stray mobs it says more about my tank than me.

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    I pretty much stick to all plate as well for my healing gear. Pre-WotLK i had some mail pieces and I might have had 1 cloth piece or leather for bracers but overall - I think that plate is where we should be at.

    Classic example is like in Mt Hyjal - say your group gets overwhelmed by the mobs - who is going to stand up better - pally in plate or a clothie??

    Last night in Heroic UK - had a druid tank , me and 2 mages and a lock. The 1st boss that spawns the undead adds - I just pulled them to me , hit consec , and holy wrath - then the DPS AoE'd them down FTW.

    Let's see a cloth healer stand there and take that beating or be able to stun the whole mob and keep aggro on them.

    On the subject of judgements - I too judge on the boss fights. Typically cast Seal of Wisdom and then keep judgements up as best I can.

    So yeah pally's should wear 90% plate I think.

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    Of course, I prefer plate. But I'm not above wearing a lower armor class if it improves my stats. Hell, I picked up those cloth boots from Exalted Wyrmrest last night to replace my mail ones, since it seems that I'm destined to have non-plate boots for the rest of my life (my previous ones were mail).

    As much as I'd like to be able to fully live up to our nickname "Plate Priests", sometimes, as in the case of my boots, a lower armor class item provides a clear upgrade. My AC is still high, as the boots are the only non-plate item I have atm. If those plate boots from Heroic Gun would ever drop for me, I'd switch them out in a heartbeat....but I'm getting sick of going there, Moorabi won't cooperate

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    lol...this thread reminds me of a 'funny' story.

    I was tanking HKM, and I had a single holy pally as a healer. It's a little blurry, but a short ways into the fight I started getting some ridiculous resists on TC and Demo. I'm actually not 100% sure what happened, but that's always been my story and I know it wasn't my rotation or gear, and I'm pretty sure the majority of my moves were landing. This has always been a bit of a puzzler to me, especially if you consider that his healing aggro was being split between 4-5 mobs.

    So I had him positioned too far back, I'm guessing he was in melee range on my healer...because all the sudden my healer had aggro and took a hit from HKM. I know, EPIC FAIL. But he survived and I grabbed him back. Easily my most embarassing, if inexplicable, tanking moment.

    I still wake up and night sometimes, screaming...

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