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Thread: 2 Prot Pally Questions

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    2 Prot Pally Questions

    1. When you are leveling by aoe grinding as a prot pally, is it better to go with actual prot (tanking gear) with defense and block attributes? It seems like it would be smarter to aoe grind with a big mana pool and holy pally gear.

    2. I also would like to try pvp as a prot pally when I hit 80, so do I stick with the defense attributes or go for more spellpower/mana pool/mp5? or mix it up 50/50? I have read about some pallys trying prot pvp in wotlk with some success, but I havent been able to find much theory on prot pvp.


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    1. Prot gear. Sure you may have a bigger mana pool, but you hit like a wet sock. Juggle your seals between how many mobs you are pulling, big packs you may want light small packs you will want wisdom. Same for judging. Block/dodge/parry will give you back mana from Sanct, so you can effectively go from one group to another at allmost 100%/100%

    2. No idea. I hate pvp :P

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    For prot pvp you wear mainly block and stamina gear. You outlive people and spank them with 6-7k+ ShoR.
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    1. I kinda agreed with you on this... I used a hybrid of tanking gear and my healing gear. Tanking rings, necklace, cloak, wep, shield, and maybe two other pieces of tanking gear. The rest was +spell power, int, and crit. This gave me a mana pool of about 9-11k mana and about 800 spell power. I could spam all my abilities and not worry about mana at all. Plus if I got in trouble just throw a heal and be close to full.

    2. pvp what's pvp

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