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Thread: So is there an "ultimate" DK 2hander for tanking?

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    So is there an "ultimate" DK 2hander for tanking?

    As stated, what would you guys consider the ultimate 2hander to tank with currently? Statwise i'm using the Inevitable Defeat - Item - World of Warcraft#.. What would be considered better in the other dk's opinion?

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    Would that really be considered better for tanking?? ID has more agility and +expertise and betrayer has less agility, +1 more stam with +crit, +haste?? and +ap. How would this be better for tanking?

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    According to Wowhead's weighted scale Weapons - Items - World of Warcraft

    BoH is #1
    ID is #1
    DB is #3

    but of course it has been known to make mistakes :P
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    I can see BoH as being the best 2hander overall but I was more looking towards the best 2h tanking weapon based on the stats of the weapon. We had a BoH drop on our very first Kel kill and even though I drooled all over it, I didn't really like it for anything other then straight up dps. One of the retadins was extremely happy that night hehe. I hadn't really been looking for a 2h to drop because I was waiting for the patch and the availability of the crafted tankers, but now that those have fallen to the wayside I was lucky enough to pickup ID recently (2nd one to drop in a week). I scanned through the list of 2handers and have come to my own conclusion that I won't be upgrading for a WHILE.

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    I sort of like Death's Bite - Item - World of Warcraft in a frost spec tank build over the Inevitable Defeat - Item - World of Warcraft just because you have fewer attacks that benefit from expertise. I have the same opinion about the BoH though that it looks more like a DPS weapon, I wouldn't mind having one but I'd let all the dps get it before I took it.

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    I have BoH, and I flip from unholy tank to dps all the time. Its good if you're an OT with a dps set in your bags.

    But once I pick up ID, Ill be able to switch weapons as well.

    BoH = dps

    ID = tank

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    DB is a nice weapon but I still see that as more a straight up dpser then used for tanking. The added agility is real nice on ID for the mitigation factor alone and I really don't have any problems holding aggro so the mitigation is nice. Can't wait to slap the defense rune on it when and if the patch ever comes. Was really hoping it was gonna hit yesterday...

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