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Thread: Boomkin helps DK?

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    Boomkin helps DK?

    i was running a Heroic last night as a Frost Speced Deathknight tanking and doing fine we had a feral druid respec boomkin the other night and he was inthe group with us , one thing i noticed my DPS seem to get a hell of alot better then it normal is tanking .

    Would this be due to the buff the boomkin give to spells crit ? if so great as i had no threat issues never have anyway but i was at top of DPS too on a number of fights which i found weird

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    it could have been that, or more likely the boomkin was applying Improved Faerie Fire - Spell - World of Warcraft - if DK attacks are spell based (not sure, are they?) then it would be a fairly decent DPS boost for you, if you aren't hit capped.

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    Earth and Moon is the big one, yeah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulk View Post
    if DK attacks are spell based (not sure, are they?)
    Some are, especially as frost; Icy touch and Howling blast are spell (as well as death coil, but frost dont use it)

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    Indeed, Imp FF, Earth and Moon, and the spell crit buff will all be very nice buffs to a frost DK, VERY nice buffs.
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