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Thread: Stamina

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    Hey all I'm new to the forum

    Anyway, I have the minimum defense required for raids but my unbuffed healthpoints are only 21.3k!

    I need help getting more stamina. I'm stuck at a point where I get kicked from heroics because I don't have enough health points

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    Hey Demianu, Welcome,

    Do you have an armory link for us? What professions do you have? gems/enchants etc?



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    The World of Warcraft Armory

    the 1 and only

    I just got rid of one of my +8def chants and managed to up my stamina to 21.9k and went down to 542 def.

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    22k hp is enough for heroics, although not ideal.
    I would change that gem on your belt to stam.

    Skinning + herbing isn't the best for tanking. Blacksmithing is great as you get two extra sockets, and then the belt one that everyone gets. Mining is another good one, and is getting buffed soon (500hp --> 50 stam!). Then theres JC, which is always a bonus. You can get a tonne of stam from BoP gems and JC only trinkets

    Do some heroic AN runs, if you feel comfortable doing it, to get essence of gossamer and get rid of the pvp trinket.
    Heroic nexus is relatively easy, and drops a very nice helm from the second boss (first boss isn't a boss in normal).
    If you have the gold you can always get Titanium Earthguard Ring or some decent ones from some easy heroics.
    Badge neck = win too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawgrlgrl View Post
    Cool that helped a bunch. Now at 22.2k.

    Now I just need something for my cloak and my bracers.. or better bracers.

    edit: and i guess the next thing on my list is to get the armor plated combat shotgun with a stamina gem

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    That's the trick. See, all these puggers that insist you have 25k hp unbuffed and so forth are dazzled by the big pretty numbers. Just make sure you have 535 def to begin with and keep piling hp at the start. The rest - dodge/parry/block - will take care of themselves as you get better gear. ^^

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    Also make sure to get a proper head enchant form the Argent Crusade rep, giving you 37 stam , 20 defense..
    Pretty new Registrant, but have been trolling for a long time

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    A few things you can do right now to boost Sta without doing anything other than a trip to the AH (or horse-trading with your guildie LW/JC/enchanter buddies).

    1. Heavy Borean Armor Kit on Hands. +18
    2. Solid Sky Sapphire in Belt Bucklle. net gain +20
    3. Upgrade to Frosthide Leg Armor. net gain +10 (and the +7 Agi doesn't hurt either)
    4. "downgrade" to the old BC Sta enchant on Shield. +18 (you'll want to shift this to something else later, probably +Def, but can help with your immediate goal)

    That'll get you another 660 hp with relatively cheap enhancements (total here would be around 150g or so on my server).

    I agree with other suggestions as well. Consider JC as a profession; the crafted neck/ring, the Dragon Eye gems, and the BoP trinket Stamina and gem sockets make JC a very solid choice for tanks.

    The Armor Plated Combat Shotgun is not exactly "easy", but the mats are obtainable with a dedicated farming effort (eternals). You'll have to buy the Frozen Orb and as a non-miner, probably the titanium bars. But overall, the money/effort required for this thing are pretty reasonable for a "best in slot" epic tank gun. At least, I think it's best available right now...certainly best available at this level of accessibility.

    I think there's some other areas where you could improve as well (e.g. Bracer Expertise enchant, +26Agi or weapon chain for the sword, titanweave enchant on cloak, etc), but these are the relatively quick things that jump out at me regarding stamina.

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    Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it.

    1st - I'm going to drop Herb/Skinn for JC/Miner

    2nd - I'm going to work on getting the mats for the shotgun with a stamina gem on it.

    3rd - Back to tanking 24/7 for better gear

    I guess I'll throw in argent rep somewhere for the head enchant too.

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    Yeah those PuGs really like 2 things: Defense capped and big numbers on your green bar.

    JC/Miner is great, I'm dropping my Engineering for JC and am switching to the Tempered Titansteel Helm until the Thane's drops.

    Shotgun is great, nothing in the game is comparable right now. Mats are high but definitely worth it.

    Tempered Titansteel is getting buffed with a meta socket and a blue socket, it skyrocketed from something I had no interest at all in to something I'm very excited about. The mats on it are not bad at all. 4 days of Titansteel CDs or about 1k gold (250g/Titansteel Bar on my server).

    Since you are going JC make the Titanium Earthguard Ring. It is fantabulous.

    And drop that 4 stats gem in your belt for a 24 stamina gem, it will make you much happier.

    Hope it helps! And just keep trying for Heroics, I recommend Drak'Tharon Keep. Its easy and that ring is great, and still won't drop for me.

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    Thank you all so much!

    I now have...

    24017hp and 544def

    I still don't have my JC stuff yet and I could still use a better enchant on my bracers, cloak, and shield.

    I could also use a new trinket or 2

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    Get the Monarch Crab from JC made, and if you want even more stamina you could make the ruby hare and socket it with 41 Stam Dragon's Eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwidget View Post
    Get the Monarch Crab from JC made, and if you want even more stamina you could make the ruby hare and socket it with 41 Stam Dragon's Eyes
    Sounds good I'm working on JC right now to make my own. I figure I'll have those for bosses and use the talisman for trash until I get better stuff.

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    having two stam trinks is not that good really imo i always like to have a "clicky" trinket when im tanking, it's an extra "oh shit" button. you can get amazing amounts of EH through JC i have 41 stam dragons eyes in my monarch crab and one in my helm by far lvling my JC was the best investment for tanking ever. also try and get rid of that yucky pvp trinket and run HOL Heroic or reg till the Def trinket drops it will give u a nice defense cushion so u can upgrade to a better shield from naxx/EoE or u can do heroic AN to get the gossamer to hold u off as a stam trink till u get your crab. heres my armory The World of Warcraft Armory im not perfectly geared but i think im well itemised for maximum performance its always good to look at other tankz gear to get ideas because maybe they see things u dont see and vice versa. GL and run heroics till you eyes bleed !!!!!

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    Having 2 stam trinkets is great when you join a PUG - oooooooh look at all that health he must be L337 - then you switch into your sensible gear and tank away.

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