I am having trouble deciding between two sets of gear I have identified as being end-game at the moment.

Basically what it comes down to is what offset piece combined with the other 4 set pieces is better?

4 piece T7.5 + Leggings of Sovereignty


4 piece T7.5 + Breastplate of Tormented Rage

If you go the sovereignty route then you end up with a lot of parry rating, which is undesirable as a DK. The benefits of going this route however is that you don't need much as much expertise on gear and therefore you can use the other slots to load up on other key stats. However, due to the additional parry from the legs and chest you still end up with lots of parry even if you stack dodge on the other items.

If you go the tormented rage route, you end up with much more balanced avoidance stats. Parry rating is a lot lower and dodge rating is much higher.
However you end up with very low expertise on gear unless you pick up inevitable defeat. Also defence is lower by about 30 rating, which forces you to gem for it.

At this moment I honestly can't decide between the two setups.