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Thread: Protection Paladin in need of help! ^^

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    Protection Paladin in need of help! ^^

    Hey, guys.

    A friend of mine recommended I come here as the best source of advice for tanks, so here I am. My problem is that although my defense rating is capped, and my avoidance is relatively high (in some areas, at least,) I still seem to be struggling to hold my own in Heroics.

    Here is a link to my Armory page. I didn't think my gear was too bad, but upon trying a couple of Heroics, it seems I was wrong.

    It should be noted that I have absolutely no problems with holding aggro - please, no comments about Paladin tanking being EZ Mode, - and when I'm tanking multiple mobs or a boss, I always keep Holy Shield and Sacred Shield up. (My darling healer told me about the stacking bug Blizzard haven't fixed yet.)

    Where am I going wrong? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! <3

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    Unless I fail at reading comprehension totally, you don't actually say what the problem is... You says you've got no trouble with threat, and that's a tanks biggest concern - your HP and Avoidance is perfectly fine for pretty much any heoric, so what problems are you having?

    If you just keep dying all the time, to be honest I'd take a closer look at your healers gear/skill than your own.

    // Edit: For that little edge you should get some enchants on your cloak, chest, weapon, shield, and bracers - most of that gear will be replace soonish if you intend on progressing, so feel free to use armor kits or older BC enchants, but you should put something on there.
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    Agree with bulk. If you're dying frequently I would take a look at the healer. You seem to be geared enough to at least handle heroics, unless of course you're missing mechanics of fights, i.e pound from Anub'whateverhisnameis from H AN.

    Get a new libram! If you don't have the badges for the new one, you could always get 5 people together and go clear kara again, : (. The old badge libram adds about 2% block with holy shield, and the new one is like 300something block value on judgment.

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    You're better geared than the Paladin I've been healing on my Shaman (who is also grossly undergeared). I'd say you should be more than fine for heroics.

    Side note: 540 defense isn't a cap, it's still the best stat for avoidance after that :P
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    The one big problem I see with your setup is no Judgements of the Just. You are completely wasting 9 talent points in Benediction and Divine Intellect. It's one thing to toss extra points in those, but putting so many while you are missing a key talent is not a good idea. Judgements of the Just significantly reduces the melee damage you take in 5 mans. Get it!

    As far as gear goes, the crafted BS gear is nice (helm, boots, shield). You might consider comparing them to what you have, and see if any of them make a lot of sense to change to (the helm is getting buffed in the next patch as well).

    One other thing to consider is if you are having troubles with damage intake, consider using CC a bit more. It will help make your runs smoother until you get better gear.

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    535 def is actually softcap for heroics and dungeons, 540 is softcap for raids. Judgements of the just is a great way to run heroics and take a ton less damage from bosses and hard hitting single pull trash. I would spec out of it for bosses in raids as it does not affect any that i am aware of. A better place to put those points is into the movement speed increase that will at times save your healer(s) from a run away mob that an occasional avenger's shield or judgement misses.

    Another thing that may contribute to your taking extra damage is the new way that blizzard has begun stacking multiple mobs around any player's hit box. As many of you may have noticed, once a player gets more than 3 average sized mobs in front of him they begin shuffling around to get better position. Eventually this dynamic movement ends up with mobs behind you and on your sides where you can no longer dodge block or parry, GREATLY increasing your incoming damage. Backing yourself into a corner where you can or against a wall is one solid tactic to reduce this effect. Additionally simply taking 1 step backwards every 3 sec until the mobs numbers have been reduced or until the mobs become bunched up together again will keep them inside your 180 degree range of def abilities.

    Craftable gear is definately the way to go for beginner tanks into heroics, as well as attempting very easy heroics such as Utguard Keep, Drak Tharon, or The Nexus to begin with. Once you have enough emblems to obtain 2-3 of the cheaper pieces such as a belt, or neck, you can graduate up to more difficult instances like Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning, or Gundrak.

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    Judgement of the Just absolutely works on raid bosses and is your single best mitigating talent. Interesting comment on many mob tanking. I tend to move a bit with trash so haven't noticed, I'll check it out.

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    JotJ does indeed work on raid bosses.
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    JotJ does work, however I do not believe it stacks with similar effects. It might be more efficient to ask a warrior to keep thunderclap up on large trash pulls, as it affects multiple targets simultaneously.

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