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Thread: Split greathammer as a tank weapon?!

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    Split greathammer as a tank weapon?!

    Split Greathammer (in game it doesn't show the ap for bears thing)

    So this dropped in heroic naxx last night, and i currently use slayer of the lifeless. Last laugh just wont drop for us. This seems to be the only level 213 1.6 speed one hand available? Or maybe there is a rogue sword as well?

    Anywho, I grabbed this item since it was 1.6 speed and an increase in weapon damage compared to slayer. bear in mind i am a draenei, hence not getting an expertise buff from human racial.

    This weapon gives me extra weapon damage, and better threat stats considering i am easily hit capped in my threat gear with my racial. So what I'm asking to discuss is, do people see this is a viable tanking weapon or a no go? Surely with all the emphasis on doing as much DPS as possible as a tank, this is a huge benefit to have if you don't have last laugh?

    i would be using this one as a threat/damage weapon, and use slayer for when i want to be more survival orientated.

    (oh by the way i'm a warrior :P)
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    As a dwarven warrior with Mace Specialization - Spell - World of Warcraft, I still use it as a threat weapon over the Last Laugh - Item - World of Warcraft.

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    Personally, I use it in all of my gear sets at this point. But then, I'm a dwarf, and I haven't picked up Last Laugh yet. If you're going to be using a rogue offhand for a dps weapon, the Greathammer's the best itemized the ilvl 213 ones. I suspect that only Last Laugh would provide more dps than it for those of you without a racial expertise bonus.

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