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Thread: Where to go from here? Avoidance?

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    Where to go from here? Avoidance?

    I am a Warrior Tank. 15/5/51 with deep wounds and 2/5 Shield Specialization. Here are my relevant stats.

    28.5k Health (I am a JC and I tend to wear the +111 stam trinket)
    24k Armor
    541 Defense
    22.5% dodge
    18% parry
    15% block

    Besides the Cloak of Armed Strife and the Thane's Tainted Greathelm, I'm wearing all blues and epics from Heroics.

    Normally, I feel pretty comfortable on all bosses in Naxxramas 10, which is what I am usually tanking. However, this week I had some trouble with a new healer who was a little undergeared. It seemed to me that they were used to healing a tank with higher avoidance.

    I have also had two pallies in my guild tell me that I should think about improving my avoidance. They are both sitting at around 50-60% avoidance. Granted, they have a lot more 25 man gear (I haven't been able to do 25 mans yet much), but I am still wondering if I should rethink my gearing and gemming and look for avoidance. I am gemming dodge/stam in reds, Stam in blues, a 41 stam blue gem in my 1 yellow slot, and the 32 stam/2% from armor meta.

    I am also concerned about threat against dps who outgear me (who I sometimes tank heroics for).

    Any suggestions?

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    Your avoidance is more than fine for Naxx10. For some of the later fights (Saph, Kel'Thuzad, Malygos) Avoidance does little to nothing anyway, and Stam stacking is prefered. There's only 1 fight I can think of where it's recommended to stack Avoidance (Patchwerk - 25), all other fights really do not need it.

    As for threat: Your HP is quite high for tanking 10 mans. If you do not plan on tanking 25 mans in the near future, you should consider replacing some Stamina with Expertise/Hit (red and yellow slots). Accuracy is a great enchant for your weapon if you can afford it.
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    Your avoidance is fine.

    Warriors have to be careful about stacking too much avoidance anyway. A long string of not getting hit can leave you rage-starved and struggling to hold aggro. I mostly only stack avoidance on the hardest hitting bosses. For the rest I am sitting around 40-42% dodge+parry.

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