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Thread: Prot Warr stat prioritizing

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    Prot Warr stat prioritizing

    Hi all. I'm currently MT for my guild and do my best to be on top of as much information on tanking as I can. Currently, I am pushing 28.4% dodge, 18.3% parry and 18.99% block.

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    What I am wondering, is if there is anything I need to change stat wise, gear wise, or what not. Not many other tanks i know have that much dodge.

    I would like to get Last Laugh and the Valorous shoulders, but other than that, I'm not sure what else I can do to continue improving for my guild. Would dropping some Dodge for more Block be a good call? I also tried Cider's suggested 15/5/51 spec, but i felt like Deep Wounds was doing jack shit for me. I feel like this spec, while not perfect, is more comfortable for me.

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    the only thing i can see that i might change is that since your def is at 542 you have a lot of gems and enchants used up on def rating. you might consider dropping one of your trinkets for Repelling Charge you could probably spare the hp with as much avoidance you have. By doing this you could re-gem your gear to get more expertise or hit rating to improve on your dps and threat.

    Not saying you should do this but its an option if you are looking to change things up

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