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Thread: Thunderclap and Raid Boss Question

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    Thunderclap and Raid Boss Question

    On most mobs Pre-Wotlk Thunderclap would show up as a debuff if cast and would increase mitigation. I have now noticed in Wotlk that on trash mobs Thunderclap does indeed show up, but on raid bosses this is not the case. I do not get an immune message, just no debuff visible. So are Wotlk raid bosses immune to the Thunderclap debuff seeing as how the damage still seems to go through? Or maybe it is just that the debuff gets pushed aside, which seems like quite a large bug to me.
    Any info appreciated!

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    There is a limit on how many debuffs show on a boss, so thundercrap may be pushed off the visible debuff display. Bosses are definitely effected, watch closely and you should see the effect.

    Note: You may want to get debuff timer add ons since the visual display is not trustworthy.

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    You do not have Imp. Thunderclap, so your TC does not overwrite a Imp TC debuff on the boss but still deal damage etc. (I guess someone else in your raid is keeping the debuff up)

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    Consider also that if you have an offtank from a different class (e.g. prot paladin) then they also have debuffs they can place on a boss that are 'stronger' than non-improved thunderclap.
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    Thats the thing, I have a debuff tracker that tracks my debuffs and it never shows up. Also I am the only warrior in the raid. Still not sure what gives here o.O

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    If you have a DK in the raid, their Frost Fever debuff overwrites it.
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    That must be it, we have two DKs, in this case it is not worth getting Imp TC?
    He is my Offtank so it is always up.

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    I'd say Imp TClap is mandatory. On trash and AoE situations and bosses where you need to pick up adds, the Imp TClap not only has the 20% attack speed reduction, but much better AoE threat. I just can't see a prot warrior not having this, unless everything you ever get near while have a DK or Paladin debuff already applied.

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    Well I modeled my spec off of Kungen's and I do have a DK or Paladin always in the raid, but I picked it up now, because I like to keep it up.

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    I don't know about frost fever, but it appears to only overwrite thunderclap once its been stacked 3 (?) times. I have my "tanking debuffs" appearing separately and there are a lot of times that thunderclap and frost fever appear side by side for a reasonable amount of time.
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    With Imp TC, Thunderclap should never get overwritten correct?

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    ideally it shouldn't, also one thing to note is that you may just be too far from the mob and thus missing the thunderclap entirely. Some of the dragon bosses have HUGE frames and from a tanking standpoint (strangely) you can swing at it's head, but if you shockwave, it'll whiff. I have a suspicion this might be your case with Tclap as well if this isn't about another class putting up the debuff for you already.

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    Yeh, I have noticed that on large mobs, Thunderclap, and especially Shockwave can miss, even if you are in the hitbox. Although why you would use Shockwave on a single target boss for a threat rotation is beyond me anyways.

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    Because shockwave generates more threat that devastate.

    your Priority list now is something along the lines of, whenever the the highest on the list is up, hit it, otherwise try to hit the next thing on the list:

    Shield Slam
    1st devastate
    shockwave/concussionblow/thunderclap/heroic throw
    2nd devastate.

    basically you don't want to do 2 devastates back to back anymore (the old ss rev dev dev rotation) unless all your other abilities are on CD because they generate more threat. You do want the first dev though because even though it generates less threat, it has a chance to proc a faster shield slam which in turn will be a larger net gain to your threat output than just skipping it. Not to mention you gotta keep those sunder debuffs up anyways right? ;P

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    Ah, see I was under the impression that Shockwave was used after your Devastates. Clearly I was wrong . Thanks for the clarification, I should see a small boost in my TPS now.

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    A supplemental question to the Shockwave one. Would it not be beneficial to implement Concussion Blow into a rotation if we are implementing a Shockwave? They both have a similar tooltip and I am assuming both would do similar threat. (Both effected by AP and both don't say they have bonus threat). Would love to hear some comments on this.

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