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Thread: Naxx OT - Will I hold my group back?

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    Naxx OT - Will I hold my group back?

    Ohai. I'm probably going to be OTing a normal naxx run later tonight, and I just want to see how my armory comes across (The World of Warcraft Armory).

    Ok yeah, yeah, it's ugly. Here's the thing - this is a new naxx group, though many people have been to naxx in other groups before. I'm OTing, as I said. I'm also not really planning on spending my WotLK days tanking, and I'm not going to be a permanent tank in this group. I'd just like to know how far my current gear will get me. I definitely don't want to hold the group back, but I don't want to go and blow my last 1k gold on enchants, etc. that really aren't needed.

    Opinions would be appreciated

    Just a note: Keep in mind that a know what I'm doing - lack of experience shouldn't (hopefully ) be a problem.

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    Can probably get through the spider wing easy enough even though your stam is pretty low. Plague wing bosses aren't too bad either but i'm not seeing you get much farther then that. Really depends on how geared and capable the MT is to be honest since he'll be handling the bulk of the load since your mitigation and health is kinda on the weak end.

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