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Thread: Rend.

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    So, i just got turned on to imp rend. a friends of mine said it would increase DPS, gear isn't an issue, and bleeds are always good damage/TPS as in DW. So i am just wondering if anyone else has been using it over imp charge.

    In 25 man Raids imp charge seems a bit meh I am not charging around picking stuff up all the time and rage has not been an issue as of yet so. It has been accounting for about 3% of my damage on most boss fights. I haven't been Religious about keeping it up. but i am going to try and see how much it affects my Damage and TPS.

    This is the Build i have been using WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Warrior -> Talent Calculator

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    I'm testing it too, as i posted somewhere, is doing 300ish per tick, idk my overall %dps increase and how will affect my rotation but worth a try.
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