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Thread: Best Enchants

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    Best Enchants

    I am a tauren warrior looking for the best possible enchants, im spec in protection. I'm just looking for pure health. I was also wondering what the most possible health a tauren warrior can get too. Fully geared and everything, i was guessing about 30k.

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    Has to be higher than 30k, because my NE isnt enchanting for HP and i am at 29.8 in hp gear

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    Lol i just realized what a noob i am, i don't know what NE is, im gonna guess night elf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teletubbymaster View Post
    Lol i just realized what a noob i am, i don't know what NE is, im gonna guess night elf?
    Yep, NE = night elf

    Do ya have an armory link so we can see what upgrades ya need?

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    im only lvl 66, im just saying hypotheticly what would be the best

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    I'm a Troll with Mining/JC and don't put pure stamina in every socket. I'm in mostly 10 man/Heroic gear with one 25 man piece. I have 28.6 unbuffed hp. You can get there easily with a few Naxx epics, and I think I've seen tauren sitting in Shat with 31-32k unbuffed.

    And remember please, tanking is not all about stamina, no matter how much everyone judges a tank on how big their health pool is.

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    I am a Miner, and a Tauren, and I sit at 30,257 gemming for expertise. (red and blue are 8exp12stam yellow are 8hit8expertise) and I am four gear slots away from best in slot.
    so, I probably could bump that up a little more with those pieces plus if I regemmed for stamina.

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    I am not currently optimized the way I'd like to be, and as a Gnome I sit at just over 32k unbuffed, without really having to gimp avoidance or threat. Giving up 26agi on LL for Accuracy though, for sure. If any one stat is a hair too low I'd say it would be hit.

    Whatever you do, don't gem for stamina in cases where there are better overall options - IMO 20 Defense to Shield is much stronger overall vs the stamina counterpart, and I am currently trying to decide is 22def or 10stats to chest would outpace 275hp. I understand you said you wanted pure HP, but that is certainly not the end-all be-all if you have to give up much better alternatives.

    EDIT: Hero's Surrender just dropped for us last night, and someone had mats on hand for 18 Stam but not for 20 defense. I'm switching it today :P /not a hypocrite

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