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Thread: What can I do?

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    Wrong Forum, Please Remove: What can I do?

    I'm having a real problem moving into heroic 5 mans. I can't don't last long enough and don't keep aggro on multiple pulls long enough. I've read the library post and think my gear is what is recommended, and am working on my aggro technique. But what can I do (gearwise) to become stable in 5 man heroics?????
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    More hit.
    I'm not sure what rotation warriors use, but post yours up so someone who knows what you should be doing can tell you if your rotations wrong.

    HP is enough for heroics, defense is way over cap, you can lose 17 defense (536 rating for 5mans, 540 for 10mans/25mans).
    I'd recommend more hit, but it may be diff than pallies as we need around 9%.

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    It isn't your gear or stats you are much better geared than i was when i started running heroics. Like the first poster said it could be your hit rating or expertise causeing your threat problems but it could also be the groups you are running with...are you pugging runs or are you running with guildies?

    Cause at 23k unbuffed you shouldnt have any HP issues and your avoidance should be fine so i would look at what groups you are running with to see if maybe the healer is trash or the DPS is stupid and is pulling threat off of you

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    I first started 5 man heroics pretty much the second I dinged 80 (leveling prot and collecting all the gear i could along the way helped, i admit). And it was pretty stressful on my healer at the time until i got a few upgrades. I think I gave her a few gray hairs at first, but after a little bit of time i got upgraded and things started to go smooth.

    If you feel you are undergeared, run a few normal instances, do and do some regeming before going back in. Also you may want to start out with some of the easier heroics like Nexus or VH, both have some good gear in them for tanks that could get you over that initial hump.

    Best of all is make friends with a good healer who understands that, for now, you are a little squishy, but in time that will change and they will get a good tank on their friends list with a little investment up front.

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