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Thread: Inexorable Sabatons

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    Inexorable Sabatons

    These are the kind of items I love to see on loot tables and that its BoE makes it perfect. Wait? What? Its weird, its odd, it has no freaking Stamina....or at least not enough, H. WTF are you talking about?

    Inexorable Sabatons - Item - World of Warcraft

    Look at all that sexy BV. You see, for 25 man content, I'm an OT. I tank my mob and peel off to DPS the boss in the same gear I tanked with. As an MT for 10 man Naxx, I'm still 27.5K hp unbuffed and overgeared, meaning, I can concentrate a little on DPS. Boots were my weakest slot because Noth the Lootbag is a stingy bastard with his and my OT needs em too anyway. the idea is to see how it plays out but I intended either way to back into Kryzoc's and expect to collect my T7 pieces in due course. (IE, the badge purchaseable legs and shoulders) I'd love to get the cloak or ring but both are marginal upgrades....I have the JC ring and Sandworn and Cloak of the Shadowed Sun already so....

    But man, that's alot of block. I'm a blocking fool and starting to hit stronger and stronger with my shield slams. 1350 buffed BV.

    Bad news is I went into the red on the first raid night but all the tanks looted so I'm not in a deep hole. Someone picked up the shoulders off Anub (I deferred to the MT) and the Helm of Vital Protection went to a DK (already pilfered it from a PuG). Pally tank got the Sand Worn Band that I also already have and MT also snared bracers of the Unholy Knight.

    So I'm happy with my boots. Considering their purpose, I put some hit in the socket but I needed to bring up the stam so I went with a cheap Vivid Forest Emerald (yellow slot) and picked up the +6 stam bonus and got 12 stam/8 hit.

    We took a lag break and I went and tricked them out. Old man Gothik too a couple of 8K shield slams to the face. Getting there.....
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    lavanthor's talisman + glyph of blocking + shield block = 7.5k shield slams against bosses for me so far when i'm OT, and that's with a base sbv before any of the above popped of only 833 O_o.

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