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Thread: Another Weapon Enchant possibility?

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    Another Weapon Enchant possibility?

    All the weapon enchant discussions I've seen debate the relative merits of Agility, Accuracy, the weapon chain, and sometimes Lifeward. With the usual and appropriate observations that Berserking is no good for tanking.

    Agi and Accuracy seem to be the clear favorites, and Agi is what I have on my Red Sword right now.

    From a threat/DPS perspective, however, I'm wondering if Icebreaker might not be viable perhaps. All depends on the numbers, of course, but if this chant brings, say, 80ish damage at 20% proc, then Icebreaker could potentially be as big a damage/threat contributor as Deep Wounds.

    Thoughts? Does anyone have any idea what the damage and proc-rate is on this thing? Looked it up on thottbot, wasn't very enlightening...

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    wow, I guess this was such a dumb idea that it doesn't even merit a perfunctory response. lol

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    I would guess it depends on how often it procs. With the new 45 stam enchant coming out soon I don't see very many people going anything else.

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    Isn't it 75stam for wpn?

    its also fairly expensive hehe.. i'm guessing i'll see a lot more UP runs for the Red sword of courage b4 people plop that bad boy on anything.

    45 stam to bracers i believe.. of which i'll finish my 60 badge run for the t7 bracers b4 i plop down the enchant as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahism View Post
    ... of which i'll finish my 60 badge run for the t7 bracers b4 i plop down the enchant as well.
    I think it's the T7 gloves which were available for badges...not bracers. Will look again when I log on, maybe I've got that backwards. But I don't think so.

    In any case, another tank in my guild experimented with the Icebreaker...mainly just to do our guild enchanter a favor for a skill-up point. Appears the thing does proc fairly often (at least 10%) for 90-100 damage (ballpark). Not huge, but not insignificant either.

    I switched from +26Agi to Titanium Weapon Chain, I think I'm going to stick with that for the +Hit. I may even retain it after th +75 Sta enchant comes out...I've got plenty of HP, I kinda need the hit a bit more right now.

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