I'm used to dkp and I feel I can wrap my head around most dkp systems with little effort.

When people start introducing different terminology, it makes it a bit more difficult. It seems, though, that most of those system could be explained by using dkp paralels. This in turn would let us compare apples to apples at least.

To start off, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but:

EPGP could be explained as a non-zero sum, fixed price dkp system, with an inbuilt dkp decay to deal with the inflation.

Suicide King, on the other hand, could be explained as a zero sum dkp, where the price of an item is 100% of the player's dkp.

Am I totally off here, or is it actually quite a bit easier to make valid comparisons with the terms laid out like this?

And which other systems can be similarly translated?