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Thread: How could i become a better tank

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    How could i become a better tank

    Good morning,
    i am in a guild that is currently clearing naxx 25, and i has warrior (tank) want to get better and join them has mt or ot.
    due to my work i didnīt join many raid but joined as many heroics i could.

    i am still missing the braces heroic dungeon, gloves(working the rep for them-kirin tor), and still didnīt have any luck whit the red sword of courage (heroic UP), and the trinked from heroics also.

    my armory is The World of Warcraft Armory

    note: i quited mining and started leveling enchanting to be able to enchant my own things and be able to get the ring enchants).

    i am crit caped but not sure if i am truly balanced, any help whit gems/better gear is a must ^^.

    That Elune bless you whit might and widom.
    Alpine Wildblade

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    I question your spec, prolly wanna get imp revenge (big threat/dps getter)...check out the new deep wounds spec all the 'cool' tanks are using hehe. Other then that, you might want to think about gemming/enchanting for expertise (8 expt/12stam gems, gloves & bracers) if you wanna MT raids. Gear looks like your on the right path, dont forget a 'belt bucket' (that badge one will last you awhile), shoulder chant (even the old BC one is better then nothin w/ no hodir rep).

    Just remember, being a better tank isn't all about gear, when/if you get a chance to raid watch/read-up on all the fights b4 hand, come prepared and you should be alright.


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