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Thread: Spec for tanking Naxx/Heroics

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    Spec for tanking Naxx/Heroics

    currently my guild is already in naxx, they have a warrior tanking it, although he is a bit inexperienced. once I hit 80, I will be going in as off-tank, and possibly main tank if he can't handle it. here is my current spec:

    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator

    I plan on dropping my last 2 points into toughness. in 5 mans it seems to hold up pretty good, no complaints from any of the healers I have run with and no wipes so far due to agro loss, or not being able to be healed through something. although I have noticed that the threat output is patchy at times. usually on a mob that I am just holding with DnD, and UB though. so not too worried about that.

    any suggestions would help. also I will have no problems with replying as to why i took certain talents as well. I know I'm probably no where close to the normal tanking spec for unholy.

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    I wouldnt use your build and ill explain some talents that you got:
    1) 2H Spec - its so good for threat, but isnt so relevant
    2) Unholy Command - usually you dont need to use Death Grip 2 times in same combat. You have Dark Command to taunt target either.
    3) Corpse Explosion - i dont think that this be good talent for tank, i would preffer to use this talent in arena, avoiding rez. =P
    4) Blood Cake Blood - its very good talent, but i think that this is better for DPS.
    5) Summon Gargoyle - its for single target, but Unholy Tanks are better with AoE, then i'd try get talents to increase this feature.
    6) Unholy Aura - isnt so relevant.
    7) Wandering Plague - Tank doesnt have high crit, then this talent wont proc often.

    I would use this build: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    These are benefits from by build:
    1) Bladed Armor - increase a lot of Atck Power = increase base damage.
    2) Rune Tap - Self Healing.
    3) Epidemic - increase duration your diseases, allowing to use another skills.
    4) Ravenous Dead - increase Strenght = increase Atck Power = increase base damage.
    5) Virulence - +1% Spell Hit
    6) Full Desecration - +5% damage in that area.

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    Follow the link to my Armory for what you want to spec.

    your spec listed is just way to funky to fix really. The cookie cutter starter tank spec is 9/11/51. Use it, love it, learn to manage CD's and youll be fine.

    I spec this for Naxx tanking due to the fact that I am the Farlina tank for the enrages. 3 SW is just OP for now.
    I cast the spells that make the people fall over.

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    thanks for the advise guys, I'll give it a try.

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