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Thread: deep wounds nerfed ??

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    deep wounds nerfed ??

    i was browsing mmo and found this comment from ghostcrawler:

    Deep Wounds is causing too high a percent of damage for Fury and Arms, 20 or 30% of total damage on some fights, and often above white attacks. Since it is unmitigated damage we are eventually going to have balance problems here if we don't already.

    Fury is slightly high in PvE, or definitely will be after these TOO [sic] changes. Arms is too low in PvE, which is why I said we wanted to buff them.

    We like Deep Wounds' position in the tree. We're fine letting all warriors reach it. It's just too good.


    Then i started looking for more info on this but was unable to find anything, is this for real or is it just a rumor.

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    Well, it's a real comment from Ghostcrawler, but I don't think he's posted any follow-up, yet. So no one knows the specifics of what will be changing, yet. Perhaps the dev team is still discussing how they want to change it, exactly.

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