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Thread: Pwn'd by the pally

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    Pwn'd by the pally

    Alright I was always under the impression druid tanks were supposed to make really good agro and still ok dps while tanking... Im the OT for our guilds pally tank and in comparison I am having trouble taking adds that get near him... On Patchwerk he doubles my agro... If people are doing over 2k dps I almost can never hold onto anything if someone is aoe'ing... With lacerates and swipes I cant hold anything... I do throw in mauls and mangles when I can... So I do keep agro on the ones I get mauls and mangles on... But am I really supposed to tell the dps hold on give me 10-15 seconds before you aoe every pull? Most dont even last that long... Linking mine and the MT's to see if its my build or gear or is he really that much more geared than me... My hit and exp are low but in the CST Im still hitting almost all the time... Not too sure how to bring them up either without losing hp and dodge
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    At first, paladins' threat is somewhat broken in this build, as far as i know it's because every heal from JoL gives threat to pala who applied it. In addition, druid's threat output is highly dependent on gear. While your hit and expertise are not that low (taking in accout overall poor itemisation), you have kinda low AP and crit; mostly because you use PvP gear that has low damaging stats nowadays.
    If you have enough stamina to survive possible burst damage and your healers are not running oom because you take either a lot of damage (low avoidance) or it's very uneven (low armor), you should definately consider increasing your TPS stats, best ones are expertise and hit (you should never gem for other ones).

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