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Thread: Where to put the Dragon's Eyes

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    I'm with Lore on this one though the trinket swapping certainly makes alot of sense...at this level of content where lag is the only thing cockblocking even mediocre raids from roflstomping everything short of Sarth + drakes..../shrug.

    I just picked up JC so with my first daily token I obviously picked up the +41 stam design. I elected to stick them in my best 3 ilvl 213 items, 2 in red slots and one in a yellow. Ultimately, I ended up losing 2 Expertise in the deal so I need to get that back. The Ruby hare is a great way to do that with 2 red slots. I stuck 2 X 8Exp/12stam in it, picked up the +9 stam socket bonus and am in pretty good shape though I use the crab more often opposite Seal of the Pantheon (because 10 man thaddius is a stingy prick)
    your hat may be nice, but I have the little white tank top that says Legendary right across my boobs. I win. (or more correctly, H wins)

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    +41 Stamina Dragon Eyes?


    2 in my Monarch Crab Trinket and 1 in my Shotgun. I never change those slots. I have all the tanking trinkets in the game at the moment (yes, really) and I don't really look any of them as benefiting than the stamina boosts I get. Maybe I’m wrong, anybody?

    I’m running Essence of the Gossamer and the Monarch Crab (2 x +41 Stamina Dragon Eyes). Here is my current armory link: Link! . I’m on my “hateful strikes” tanking gear at the moment though, boo.

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    I basically agree with Lore as well...as a DPS warrior with three blue sockets in my gear my decision is pretty trivial...I put 27 strength in each of them and get free stats...as it happens two of those are actually amazing (6 str and 8 crit), and the third is just "OK"...but free is free, and I'm not going to pass it up.

    Tanking is a bit tricker, though. I really REALLY like putting expertise or expertise/stam gems in red sockets...I love me some expertise. I don't really like yellow sockets at all, so I'm tempted to (once i get better...or, rather more diverse, tanking gear) put 27 expertise in threat pieces and 41 stam in EH pieces...but for now, I only have "tanking gear", and not specific sets...which probably means I'll just lob in the +stam gems in yellow slots (like on the crab!) and move on.

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    I'm in a similar boat - I'm thinking about making a threat set (using +27 expertise or hit rating gems) and another Malygos / Sarth set with +41 stam.

    Stamina set - Crab(24, def+stam) & Hare (41, 41)

    Threat set - Sphere of Dragons Blood & Nargannon or Mirror of Truth or Lavanthors. Subbing in gear with 3 slots and putting three threat based dragons eyes in those sets

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    I currently have one +41 stam dragon's eye in my shotgun because i never take that off while tanking. I then have 2 more dragon's eye slots open and the way i use them is i have 2 41stam gems in my monarch crab. I have 2 27 expertise gems in my old heros chest if i want to use that for a high threat fight. I also have 2 27str gems in my dps chest that i often use for tanking heroics/trash anything but bosses pretty much. By having one in my shotgun i am free to use any of my chest pieces i want to without a problem, or in the case of tanking something like sarth + 3 drakes i just put on my valorus chest which has normal gems and i can equip my crab with the 2 dragon's eyes.

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