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Thread: Anticipation vs Shield specialization

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    Anticipation vs Shield specialization

    The last couple of resets i have been running with this spec:

    World of Warcraft Europe -> Talents

    For the lazy ones it is the basic dw 15/5/51 spec, with alittle change im maxing shield specialization instead of anticipation, my thinking behind this is more tps and dps from dmg shield, also it plays well into the crit block talent. So i mitigate more dmg, but maybe avoid less over all. The last benefit from it is to avoid some of the DR on dodge, as block rating dosen't suffer from DR.

    The overall feel is that i don't really feel any real change, so i have been looking around for the math on this but i can't find anything.

    Has anyone else been doing this and if so what are your thoughts on it. Or even better, have you seen any math that either supports or derails this idear?

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    I'm sorry to be blunt, but to trade one percent block for one percent avoid is pure ignorance. Especially since the avoidance from talents is not affected by diminishing returns. You are trading here a little bit of threat and mitigation for quite some bit of avoidance.

    Just compare the ratings needed for 3% block and 3% dodge, and hopefully you can see what trade-off we're talking about here. I'm running around with a 15/5/51 specc, just dump focused rage, it's the easiest talent to give up.

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    Don't drop focused rage. Whatever your decision when it comes to shield specialization vs. anticipation, focused rage should not be on the chopping block. Edit: maybe you mean puncture, if that's the case, nvm.

    My personal opinion is it matters what your gear is at specifically. The lower your gear is the more dodge will help you out, since its very likely you'll need some survivability. Your shield block rating will be very low regardless so you won't see much rage generation unless shield block is up. Because you'll have enrage, you won't really notice a drop in threat or rage generation.

    When your gear gets better there is some level of ambiguity. The better your gear, the more valuable anticipation becomes in terms of an item point budget. So its always a good choice. But perhaps you just don't need anymore avoidance. Just like at some points in BC, you could get to that point, albeit perhaps with greater difficulty now. Shield specialization would then become more attractive as a result, not for the extra point of shield block, since its a very cheap on item points anyway, but the rage. You may start to find yourself rage starved, and while 2 points of rage isn't that much when you only block 15%, at 20-25% it becomes worth it when you take into account that you'll also probably get an extra 8-12 rage for every mob you are tanking when you pop SB. Ofcourse, that is only in reference to those two talents in spending your 51 points. It's completely possible just to invest your points in another talent instead of either.
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    Honestly, I don't understand why everyone sticks to focused rage. I haven't specced it and I have no rage issues where it matters (Malygos and Sarth3D namely).

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    Again, as many people have said before, spec and gear for the encounter. If you have enough gear, there is nothing wrong with maxing block instead of dodge. It would just help you generate more rage, and to a small margin do more damage through damage shield. Dodging more is not always a good thing, sometimes I personally want the rage from being hit. Neither Malygos nor Sartharion(3D) take a lot of dodge in my opinion, the real danger in those fights are the breath attacks.

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