Cant seem to find any useful info when I google Lifeward. All I find is info on how useful it is for raid tanking, threat generation from it and prot pallies comparing it to their Seal of Light. My use for it is specific. Let me explain...

Me and a guildie buddy of mine run double prot warrior in 2's. It's mainly for our twisted entertainment but we are semi serious. (yes, its alot of fun seeing all the different stuff and the dmg we can reflect, let alone when one dies and the other 2v1'd them). We have decent gear and are pretty good pvping as prot. We beat most teams that dont have a holy pally or disc priest. We both have around 30k unbuffed HP and at least 500 resil in our pvp gear. I have a bit more resil than my partner though, nearly 600 resil and counting. We know that we are very hard to kill regaurdless and should probably gem/enchant for dps. But I decided to gem/enchant for survivability...stam and resil gems mostly, stat enchants on a couple items. Think I have a couple +16 strength gems as well. We have come to realize through experience that the pvp gear is better for pvping than our raid gear, obviously.

As the time i made this post im logged out in my 25-man tank gear but I usually log out in my pvp gear. My armory is
The World of Warcraft Armory

My question is, based solely on what we would be using the enchant for (PvP: BG/Arena) is it an ideal enchant over the run of the mill dps weapon enchants? How often does it proc and do you notice it makes a difference in a pinch? ie. the proc is enough to save your ass when you are waiting on a GCD to pop shield wall...something like that. My 2's partner is currently testing it with the proculas addon but I'm just not that patient. :P

I'm also considering battlemaster enchant too. Any info compairing it to lifeward for what I'd be using it for would be greatly appreciated. Logic tells me that Lifeward will proc more often than Battlemaster because Battlemaster heals the entire party. If Battlemasters, on average, would proc more often if we both had it compaired to how often Lifeward procs, then I'd prefer it. If both of these are a waste, I'm probably gonna get the new stamina weapon enchant instead. Otherwise I'll go with a dps enchant.

Plz save your comments about me regemming/enchanting for dps cuz you arent going to tell me much that I don't already know. I'm just experimenting with this and having fun.

Any insight you can give is greatly appreciated.