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Thread: Block Value Gear?

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    Block Value Gear?

    So there are limited choices on pure BV gear for a warrior

    Bracers of the Hapless Prey (Naxx 25)
    Gauntlets of the Disobedient (Naxx25)
    Inexorable Sabatons (Naxx25)
    Legplates of Inescapable Death (Naxx10)
    Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm (Naxx 25 - Can take Lesser Hero's From Naxx 10)

    Shadow of the Ghoul (Naxx25 Trash)
    Tattered Castle Drape (UK Heroic Trash)

    Medallion of the Disgraced (Naxx10 Trash)
    Burning Skull Pendant (Gundrak Heroic Trash)

    Unsmashable Heavy Band (UK Heroic Ingvar)

    The Skull of Ruin (Naxx10) + New BV Enchant

    Anyways point i'm getting at is there is still holes in the Warrior setup for pure BV (/spit on pallies and getting 2 tier with BV ><) So where are people picking up the rest of the pieces for themselves? Mostly looking at WoTLK gear here, I'm aware of the pieces from TBC and Classic.

    also, kicking myself now for ditching my shoulders at 70 that have BV on them..there another option out there in WoTLK? (Tundra Pauldrons are what i got rid of ><)

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    Skadi's Iron Belt (Skadi - H UP) and Waistguard of the Tutor (Rasz Naxx10) are two belts you can get.

    Then there's there Lavanthor's Talisman from H VH.

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    Told you so.

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    I had already done that, just looking to see what others had done to square away a good BV set. And yes i forgot the belts.

    Guess i'm stuck with getting high str/def pieces and slotting 16 str (8BV) gems.

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