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Thread: Advice on partial-pugging 10-man Naxx

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    Advice on partial-pugging 10-man Naxx

    Hello there,
    I'll start with some background that hopefully will give you better understanding of what my problem is.
    I'm tank in a small guild for well over 10 months. All we've been doing was 5-mans and later 5-mans heroics (TBC), same story goes to WotLK. That's because we never had more than 5-6 active, level-topped members. Long story short, we are quite happy about our 5-man content we've been doing.
    However, recently I got convinced to tank 10-man Obsidian Sanctum. Two of my guildies were there too, of which one (feral druid) was assigned to be offtank (no tanking gear at all, never tanked before - you got the picture). We did it fairly quickly without wipe, with poorly geared offtank, with 2 healers, with 1 out of 5 (we've been 9 man) dps doing over 1,5k, with me checking strategy on-the-fly. Later I read that desired raid setup for pug, would be 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
    Given this information, it struck me that maybe my guild (5 players who, well, know what their job is) could pick up 5 randoms (4 dps and 1 healer), and try 10-man Naxx?
    Here's where questions come:
    1. Is it doable with decent tank (that would be me) and 2 good healers?
    2. Is feral-dps-specced offtank enough (given that he will have proper tanking gear to swap when needed)?
    3. 4-random dps, how random can they be? (in OS PuG we had quite bad dps, with me being second "dps" from top)

    See, I probably wouldn't ask, if it was clearly stated & confirmed that you need 2 actual protection tanks and 3 healers. Finding 2 healers and good tank would be probably well over my laziness. However, getting 4 dps (got 1 nice healer from pugging 5-mans) is a lot easier. What do you guys think?

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    A feral druid with some tanking stuff could easily do the role as offtank.
    3 healers are desireable in the starting phase, because it simply gives more breathing room when the going gets rough. Naxx10 is harder than OS10, but then again it is probably easier than TBC heroics :>
    Pick your pickups with caution, and you should be able to go in and have a good time.

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    i would advise getting your pugs from heroics groups that were successful, if a group is good tell em t give you a shout if they need a tank some time...get your name out a bit and make friends with them.

    this way you'll not only end up with more people to talk to but also a bigger pool of players you know will be good to do heroics etc with and might b up for a 10man now and again. This will ensure you don't end up getting total douchebags with poop dps as they were the only people that /w u.
    also organise ahead so you know who is coming and don't end up either having to call the raid or disappoint people that you said could come.

    just as long as you've got good tanks and healers and reasonable dps (smart enough to pick up boss fights fairly quickly and do as their told) you should be fine for atleast the first 6ish bosses.you would need the feral druid in tanking gear tho, otherwise he'll be necessarily hard to keep up. but alot of the fights do only require one tank

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    I'm going to give you an answer that doesn't pertain to the question you asked, but it's stilll a decent answer I think.

    If you have a regular 5-man group, you should also use it as the core of a pug 25-man Archavon group every week. You can just go win a WG and take whatever accumulates in the raid. You could score some better gear, and two valor emblems are not to be scoffed at.

    You can try the same thing with Sartharion, but you'd have to get luckier with your pugs. That's four more super-badges and maybe more good loot. Everyone should be doing both these raids every week if at all possible.

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