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Thread: Shield Specialization v Focused Rage

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    Shield Specialization v Focused Rage

    I've followed the 15-5-51 cookie cutter but have a question related to the increased block percentage in Shield Spec. The general consensus is to drop 2 points into Shield Spec and 3 into Focused Rage. I tend to roll zeros on all of my dice, so I thought it would do me good to put 3 points into shield and 2 into focus. I understand why 3 points in focus would create awesome rage efficiency, but I am leaning on that extra block %.

    I do not understand the math behind theory, so I'm requesting in (mostly) plain English why I should shift my point. Does hitting the def cap have something to do with this? Is it purely a matter of generating additional DPS? No idea how block scales.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am currently at a loss.

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    The general idea is to get the most threat oriented talents while not gimping your general survivability. As such, block % is seen as a marginal survivability stat while focused rage is a pure threat stat. Again, 15/5/51 is a max threat/dps build so if you aren't ready for going all out threat, you don't have to dive all the way in.

    If you feel that you need the extra survivability, then by all means do it. I don't think 2/3 focused rage is going to hurt you much. Maybe a little on trash, but bosses will hit you hard enough that you should be able to maintain a rotation without that last point in focused rage.

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    i think you are taking apples out of your basket to make room for oranges. there are other abilities that i would drop before i started dumping points out of baseline talents like focused rage (i.e. vigilance). of course, the marginal difference between 2/3 and 3/3 might be something you are comfortable with. i would scream if i were tanking an instance/raid and realized a shortcoming from not having the focused rage talent.

    you maintain 2/5 cruelty while debating between increased block chance and overall rage reduction. think about it, an offensive ability is NOT going to hit critically if you can't use that offensive ability because you don't have enough rage. put the horse back in front of the cart.

    the power of the focused rage talent is with (as muffin man said) rotations. being able to use a string of offensive abilities. yes, it reduces one ability's rage cost by 3, but it reduces 5 offensive abilities by 15...

    don't get me wrong here, i understand the desire for overlooking some threat improving talents in favor of some more mitigation/avoidance. check my spec, i have left cruelty out completely in favor of filling out shield specialization. when/if i ever get more block rating from gear, i can pull one, two, whatever points from shield spec and pop them in cruelty and bask in the increased DPS/threat greatness.
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    I personally went 5/5 shield spec and 0/3 focused rage. Honestly, i can think of 2 times in the past 3 weeks in a raid that i have been rage starved, both were when i was off tanking. And for those people that say blocking is a marginal survivability stat, just remember, your job as a tank is not only to push tps, but also survive the fights. Those extra blocks have saved my ass more times than i can count.

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