Just some background info first. I have a prot warrior (72) and my friend has a lvl 80 prot warrior that is pretty decked out. Both of our regular healers are Holy specced, so they never use PW:S (Power Word: Shield). However, my brother recently transferred his lvl 80 Disc specced priest over.

From my reading, both Disc and Holy priests are pretty close to heal capabilities, however, the Disc priest relies a lot more on PW:S. So my question is, does PW:S still have an impact on a warrior's ability to generate rage? When my bro grouped with my lvl 80 tank friend in a heroic, my tank friend would always click of PW:S as it would "rage starve" him supposedly (he only tried leaving the shield up for 2 fights though). This in turn cut my bro's healing capability down quite a bit, so made the heroic harder than it should have been. From what I understand, rage is generated more from hitting the mob, rather than the mob hitting you since the 3.0 patch.

I basically haven't been able to find concrete evidence for this. Such as, how much rage do you really get from a mob hitting you compared to you hitting a mob. So I thought I would post here to see what other tanks have experienced with PW:S, as the only posts I can ever find on priest boards is that PW:S now has a "minor" impact on rage gen.