Ive been 80 for a while, and I have been tanking for a good ammount of time as well. I know about the 969 rotation, I know about being raid aware, but I still am clueless as to what gear should look like for me. I am MTing and OTing ulduar 10/25 and toc 10/25, We dont do naxx anymore, and the only heroics we do are the daily and H ToC. I have always used a EH BiS guide because frankly I dont know what im doing when it comes to getting the most out of my gear.
I have looked a the top 4 geared paladin tanks on my server, and everyone of them is gemmed and geared differently, and I have searched on here, and found so many different ideals that I am lost. Please help

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I Need some advice on glyphs, should I give up Righteous defense? Spec...should i change points around to get vindication?

Ive been doing 3/3 10 and 25 toc every week and ulduar up to mimiron in both 10 and 25 mans normally each week. Ive got 78 emblems of conquest, and 70 emblems of triumph. What badge upgrades should I shoot for?

Ive picked up several upgrades but didnt know if I should equip them cause I dont know what to shoot for, If i take this i lose hit, if i take that I lose mitigation but pick up shield block, or the other way around.

Should i spend the 3k and buy the Indestructable plate girdle? or should i wear what i have or wear the "Dragionslayer's Brace" that i picked up?
Should I wait and get badge shoulders or tier shoulders? or should I wear the "Pauldrons of the Silver Defender" that i picked up, i lose fense and hit rating, but i get a gem slot and more stamina...
Should i get a cloak from badges or should i spend 2k in the ah and get Cloak of the Iron council?
Should i get the STR libram to help with threat (and prepare for the upcoming patch) or get the dodge libram?

I want to upgrade my gear before I upgrade my gems, I didnt know what to shoot for, and wanted to get some advice BEFORE I put the epic gems on my gear, should I just go all out on defense and stamina gems, or just upgrade the cuts i have to the epic version?

I know it is a lot of questions, and I appriciate all the advice and help. Ive been reading up, and trying to keep my stats up for a Main tank(off tanking certain fights depending on the need) ATM I am the best geared tank in my guild, and I am the only ... dependable paladin tank in our guild (other tank knows less than i do...) so this is the only place i could think of to get some help.