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Thread: Swipe hits all targets in front of you?

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    Swipe hits all targets in front of you?

    Ok I have a fair amount of tanking experience was 68 @ wotlk launch but have tanked 10man naxx all the through and some 25man content.... I have never noticed swipe hitting everyone in front of me, only 3 is what I thought it was, so I always subscribed to the tab>swipe>tab>swipe technique until a descent amount of threat was established with all mobs...

    The question is, people keep telling me swipe will hit everything as long as it is in front of you, have I really been missing that this whole time? Lot of numbers flying around so I guess its possible, but really? Does swipe hit ALL targets in front of you?

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    Swipe will in fact hit everything in an oblong 270 degree cone infront of you.

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    Yes, swipe now hits everyone in front of you, this change was implemented in 3.0

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