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Thread: Stopped at Heigan? Take advantage of it!

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    Stopped at Heigan? Take advantage of it!

    Tho its a rare thing for most everyone here, If your raid ever stops with just Noth down in the plague wing, it can prove to be a fairly lucrative thing for tanks out there with some free time and a bit of luck.

    We had a short raid night the other night, and did some clearing of other wings and stopped at heigan (had a few people that didn't understand the dance and some people had to go soon). Since im one of those people that love soloing things that shouldn't be soloed, and coupled with the fact that the trash to heigan is such a joke with 10 people, and accidently clearing to Anub on heroic mode with 10 people with no problem (that was quite the lolfest when we realized why the trash packs had extra mobs), i figured I'd try out my luck. So i waited for a soft reset and jumped back in.

    For the most part when clearing the gauntlet you want to stick to the right wall. This seemed to have the best distribution of easy pulls without tagging grubs + bats or bats + giants. Mark the giants as you go and watch how they path. You will need to avoid them and drag other packs you pull to safer spots before you take on the big guys.

    Bat Packs:
    For warriors, find a bat thats a bit seperated from the pack. Hit it with a heroic throw and start backtracking as soon as it jumps to you. Burn it down as you kite the bats backwards untill they pile up on you. Hit shield block and start keeping TC and Shockwave on CD. If youre not comfortable with the incoming damage, pop a demo shout. By the time Shield block is back up you should have around 3 bats left. Hit it again and finish them off. With practice you won't need Enraged Regeneration for this.

    Make sure you pull the grubs when they are far away from a bat if its a pack thats near bats. With careful timing you can separate them from the bat pack. For me, grabbing both grubs and bats at the same time usually meant a trip back to venomspite. They are fairly simple, just concentrate on burning one down and switch to the second, keeping debuffs up. Depending on how well your gear is, you may need enraged regen on these.

    These are the hardest out of the bunch and can kill if youre not creative with how you use your CDs. Luckily theres few of them and by the time you reach another all of your CDs should be up again, especially if youve got the other packs down without using any. Get them debuffed asap and use Shield Block right off the bat. When your HP dips to 60%, depending on your progress youre probably going to have to pop shield wall and pop a Last Stand + Enraged Regen combo to get the upper hand again. Just pump out as much as you've got while keeping your debuffs up and pop that shield block as soon as its available again.

    So, you say, what the hells the point?
    The mobs here do drop loot, so it can either be a huge waste of your time or the best spent half an hour of freetime for you.

    The first night after the raid I had nothing but greens drop. However I went there after work the next day before we continued the raid and had Chain of Latent Energies drop (which i gave to my GF who plays a mage, as she still had the icecrown quest DPS necklace), as well as having Minion Bracers drop for me out of some sort of sheer luck. So there is a chance you will have something you desire drop for you, or even get a BoE epic out of it.

    Good luck if you have the chance/time to do this! And don't forget a huge pile of food, you'll need it

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    cant remember if any of these are ranged?

    is this something a frost mage could easily kite around?

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