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Thread: Boundless Ambition or Nexus War Champion Beads?

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    Boundless Ambition or Nexus War Champion Beads?

    Boundless Ambition - Item - World of Warcraft


    Nexus War Champion Beads - Item - World of Warcraft

    Nexus wins defensively, obviously. But the neck slot is one of the slots generally reserved for threat pieces, as evidenced by how popular the Brooch of Deftness was pre wrath.

    Just curious on people's thoughts. I currently have equipped Boundless Ambition, and have The Heart of Magic25 in my inventory.

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    I use the Nexus Beads. Mostly because it was the first I got, and because I put a +41sta gem in there for a whopping +141stamina. It is really usefull on Sartharion+3D that we are learning due to the huge breaths.

    If you lack defense/expertise, then the Boundless Ambition is most likely better for you. However, I have "enough" defense and the Nexus Beads also has 20 more strength. My expertise is already above 30, so, while more is still good, i'm over the soft cap already.

    If you put a 16 expertise gem in there and compare them stat by stat:
    Boundless Ambition - Nexus War Champion Beads:
    Stamina: 94 - 100
    Strength: 49 - 63
    Expertise: 31 - 16
    Defense: 46 - 28
    Parry R: 0 - 34
    Shield Block R: 0 - 28

    The boundless ambition is most likely the best "overall" necklace if you're not a JC or are not putting a JC gem in there. Shield Block Rating isn't that hot, and many of the top-end gear has a lot of parry rating and this causes a lot of extra diminishing returns then ofcourse. For pure progression I would still take the Nexus War Champion Beads due to higher stamina and avoidance.
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    I personally use the Nexus War Champion Beads with a 8exp/12stam gem in them.

    Both necks are really nice but I'd stick with Nexus War Champion Beads to bump up your HP as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agris View Post
    ...evidenced by how popular the Brooch of Deftness was pre wrath.
    I would say that was because it was purchasable with badges and was miles ahead of all the other options for most people in terms of stamina. The hit and expertise were really nice as well but I'm sure that the majority of people wearing that neck had no other options, such as the one off RoS.
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