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Thread: Need more Stamina/Avoidance - Heroics or 5-Mans

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    Need more Stamina/Avoidance - Heroics or 5-Mans

    I'm trying to get more health and avoidance gear without losing too much defense. Some groups won't even take me for the heroics I want to do with the gear I have one. Halp?

    (I just respeced correctly btw.)

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    I have no idea why. Your gear is adequate for heroics. More stamina will come with more gear - but you already have some decent bits and pieces.

    Work on your Wyrmrest & Argent Crusade reputation. You could do with a head enchant and the gear pieces from Wyrmrest will help you.

    In terms of enchants, you should start the Sons of Hodir dailies, for the shoulder enchant, you're missing a shield enchant - 22 def there - and also I guess you can upgrade your boots to 22 stam if you want to eke out every last.

    And priorities - perhaps run the easier heroics - VH has some irreplaceable (before naxx) legs for you and Stratholme has the shield.

    The only thing I'd say urgently needs a check is that you're not specced for Incite - its a massive threat boost for 3 talent points - I really suggest you go for that.

    Hope that helps.
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