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Thread: Things back to normal.

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    Things back to normal.

    Trade channel makes me smile again

    It's back to the good old: Looking for Tank, last spot (insert heroic).
    Instead of the lf1m healer.

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    I want your trade channel!
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    Well I think two things happening here.
    Raiding: raiding requires less tanks in your population and some people found out they were not going to be a raid tank so they went to dps/healing so they could raid.

    And the other thing is that I think is a lot of dpser have a hard time finding groups and so many healers needed that they switched back to healing.

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    There's more happening than just that I'm sure.

    I think alot of the "I want to try tanking too!" nub deathknights are finding out that it's too much stress, work, and responsibility to tank, just aren't liking the role in general, or don't like having such strong competition for a raid slot, and are popping over to dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayella View Post
    I want your trade channel!
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    I've noticed it being LF1M tank ever since I moved server (<3 pvp server). Or maybe I read selectively..

    Can usually get a group within 3 minutes if I take a moment to look in trade, LFG, or just spam "tank LFG any heroic". There's the odd group that fucks me around and isn't actually full (or has a DC who 'said he was coming back'), but they're pretty few & far between.

    I almost feel arrogant for being able to breeze straight into most parties.. but then I'm usually the first one to the meeting stone.
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    my server...they dont ask in trade, they straight up wisper you. Many of the high guild MT's are on several friends lists, myself included, and the other day, 10 seconds into logging on, i get 5 wispers to tank heroics.

    Thing is...i only tank for guildies because i know i can count on them to get the job done, know every heroic front to back and we wont spend an hour + "learning" fights.

    Had one group wisper me for a CoT drake run...i asked them how many had drakes and what kind of gear level was in the group. The healer dinged 80 about a day before hand, and the dps dinged that day, they were a group of friends, so they were in 90% blues and greens. Sadly i had to turn them down, not becuase of gear level and lack of experince in the heroic, but i dont wait for people when i do a drake run, its either keep me up and stick with me, or i get ahead, die, and we lose the drake. Guild healers know that and usually before the pack im tanking dies the healer is already runnin mid map. i love my healers, on the ball.

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