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Thread: Mouse clicker looking to better himself

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    Oh, lets see here I want too have fun an link my keybindings

    SS- E
    Devestate - Q
    Revenge - R

    TC - 1
    Shockwave - 2
    Bloodrage - 3
    Taunt - 4
    Shield bash - 5
    Charge - 6

    Alt+1-3- Commanding shout, Warstomp, Health potion /stone (respectively)

    SB - Mouse button 4
    CB - Mouse button 5
    Cleave - Mouse scroll up
    HS - Mouse scroll down (on fight such as patchwerk where rage is a non-issue I will take off the scroll resistance, so i can basically fling my finger downwards and HS will be tabbed for the next 5 minutes)
    F1-8 - Marks

    Enraged Regeneration - L1 (homepage button)
    Shieldwall - L2 (mail)
    Last stand - L3 (music)
    Dodge trinket - L4 (copy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalousie View Post

    I wouldn't necessarily agree with Criss about the baby steps: I re-bound everything in one go and then did low-level instances a few times and I seemed to pick it up quite quickly. But that's really up to you.
    It's probably a personal quirk, then. In all things I do, game, work, or hobby, I tend to get too dependent on what I'm what's familiar, thus making ANY habits hard for me to break. Even once I started playing alts and couldn't do anything else but use keybinds, once I got on my tank, I was too used to my rotation as a clicker, so I ended up doing this sort of inefficient half-click, half-keybind, mostly confused sort of thing, haha.

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