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Thread: Tanking gear help!

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    Tanking gear help!


    Ok I have a problem. Atm I am TRYING to gear for heroics. I have done some of the early ones so far but am having problems getting defence and stam up high enough. My name online is athen้ (athen[alt 130]้) and no nothing to do wht athenelolz .. Athene is the goddess of protection or some such thing.

    I know some of my gear need to be replaced but it was the best i could get at the time. could anyone take a look see and let me know what is in dire need of replacement. at the moment i am at

    Armor: 21803
    HP : 21664 (23000 self buff)
    def 532 (def rating 650)
    dodge : 15.82%
    parry 15.66%
    block: 10.28

    doing H UK no real problems but got a 1.7k drood healing with us.
    H Nex with 1.4k drood heals we had issues (though 1 of the mages dps was only at like 1.1k)

    I believe from what I have read for heroic need 535 def is that correct.

    Thanks in advance

    p.s to be honest this is not my toon. its my Partners and she is starting to feel crappy about not being able to do heroics and stuff with the rest of the guild. she has no issues holding threat and knows the toon well but wants to get her stam and def etc up

    Again thanks

    Now to troll the forums for more infot to help her

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    For some reason the Armory really hates me and refuses to load, so I can't check what your partner is sportin' there, but if she's having a real problem in Heroics I'd suggest checking out some Regular instance Loot tables and maybe running some of those.

    As for the Defense cap for 5 mans I'm not certain, I personally wouldn't go anywhere as a tank until I capped myself at 540, but that's mostly because I'm rather anal in that regard =P

    I wish I could provide better advice than than, but Armory just won't load. Although, Shield Block seems kind of low, though maybe Shield Block isn't as favorable in Wrath as I thought, I'm not entirely sure.

    Anyways, good luck, hope something in here helped.

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    Unless you're really into the theorycrafting and number crunching 540 is basically the law.

    When it comes to gearing for entry into heroics Polar's Easy Pre-Naxx Tank Gear List is one of the best references.

    It's all quest/rep/crafted stuff (so no talking people into multiple non-heroic runs) and it's all easy to get. It'll put you at 540 defense and, if I remember correctly, around 22k health with none of the BoP craftables.

    Dabiri's Enigma is also something to have on hand just in case you're scratching that 540 without breaking it.

    As for Heroic Progression it's really based on group makeup but UK is pretty much your entry level heroic with Nexus and VH close behind. VH is always a crapshoot but with consistent DPS and Heals it's doable with iffy gear as long as everyone knows the strategies. (I've run it a couple times with DPSers still in green gear)

    Regular HoL can also net a couple decent Tanking pieces to make heroics a bit easier.

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