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Thread: Heroic Halls of Lightning Guide

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    Forgot to mention that I don't have Glyph of Holy Light because I'm Flash of Light speced. So the way I described works for that, but Dawnrose's way would work as well

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    My Holy priest heals this a lot for guild runs. We've found the following strategy to work pretty well:

    - tank Loken where you pull him, don't move him;
    - casters stay clear of him throughout, and eat the nature damage aura;
    - tank stays with him throughout and eats the Nova;
    - melee DPS stay in for Nova, or run out if they want to.

    I use Renew / CoH / PW:S on the casters, mostly, and PoM / Renew / CoH on the tank and melee. (I have Improved Renew.) Also you can time a Prayer of Healing to land just after the Nova hits, with a bit of practice.

    I find it a lot easier to heal this way, as I'm not running around. To be fair, if we'd just turned 80 we probably wouldn't have the gear to do it

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    Well written and clear guide. Thank you very much for making it, Bloodwraith. Please make more when time permits.

    I was surprised to see you would position your group around the globe. Didn't ever think about that.

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    Our latest Loken kill:

    This was with a pug tank no less, I was amused

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