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Thread: Which Ring to Use?

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    Which Ring to Use?

    I recently picked up Signet of the Accord and I've been trying to decide which ring it should replace for me. I already use the Keystone Great-Ring and Titanium Earthguard Ring. Comparing the Earthguard vs the Keystone Great-Ring, the Earthguard gives 133 hp, 0.31% avoidance and 0.24% block chance, 30 attack power and 10 block value vs Keystone's 539 armor. I'm curious as to what people's opinion on the best ring to use is, then?

    I always have a tough time really valuing armor vs other stats, which is part of my problem. I know the gear ranking guide values the Keystone as #1 of the three, followed by Earthguard and then the Signet, but I personally see the Signet as the best of the three (I'm open to arguments otherwise, though). I also know the guide is just roughly measuring survivability, so it's ranking isn't meant to be absolute.

    I guess my question is losing the armor from the Keystone worth the mild upgrades in health, avoidance, and blocking?

    My armory for those who would like to look is: Armory Link
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    I would use the signet only if you really want to take advantage of the expertise or you are running below the defense min with the Keystone .

    With the blue socket filled, Earthguard has more stam than the signet and only one less defense. Also the dodge rating is worth more than parry unless your parry and dodge %'s are imbalanced.

    They keystone has no defense, however it has more stam, armor and avoidance than the signet, so only replace the keystone with the signet if you are below the def min or really want to use the expertise.

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    Anyone else have any other input? It's much appreciated.

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    I would actually use the Signet and the Earthguard.

    The earthguard with or without a stamina gem gives more avoidance than the keystone ring. And with a stamina gem gives more stamina too.

    The Signet gives you a healthy dose of expertise and I like to have one ring give some threat stats (although all 3 have a good chunk of Str with the earthguard giving the most).

    Also having two rings with defense would allow you to regem/re-enchant defense for either stamina or more threat. Although from your armory you could redo your bracers and still stay above 540.

    Actually, looking at A list of useful Tanking Formulas for Warriors - Dodge, Parry, Block the signet gives more total avoidance as well.

    ~500 armor is pretty significant though, so it would be worth swapping the Signet with the Keystone for fights where you need the extra EH.

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    IMO i would stick with the Signet of the Accord - Item - World of Warcraft and Titanium Earthguard Ring - Item - World of Warcraft you actually get more avoidance out of both of those than that druid ring. did u add how much % to miss,dodge and parry u get from the defense? overall you will get more avoidance and EH from those two rings and all your giving up is some armor. just throw 225 armor enchant or 22 agi on your cloak to make up fo the armor u lost. also the expertise u get will help u build more threat which is always nice. just my 2 cents good luck

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    Using two rings with defense instead of "druid rings" will give you that extra safery buffer which should prevent those unpleasant suprises of dropping below 540 when you get new gear. Expertise is good to have too since DPS will catch up to you rather quickly in terms of TPS and I can tell you that having Sapphiron parry both your shieldslam and HS on pull is bad...really bad.

    However, neither of the rings will last you very long if you venture soon into 25man content and grab yourself Sand-worn Band and Signet of the Impregnable Fortress.
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    Here's how I see it:

    Signet > Earthguard > Keystone

    Armor - Items - World of Warcraft

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